Thailand’s popular attractions are well documented on televisions and are commonly used as backdrops in a number of Hollywood movies. If you are yet to watch sunset at Railey Beach, approach Phi Phi Don or witness the Grand Palace in person. If you are planning to travel to Thailand there are a number of things you should try. From the lush southern province of Krabi to the northern part of Chiang Mai you will be amazed by the beauty of Thailand. You have to try these 9 things when visiting Thailand.

1The Grand Palace

You cannot afford to miss this beautiful gold-tipped series of building that has stood for over 200 years and perhaps the country’s most popular destination. Although it may feel like a tourist trap, the complex history and the splendor are palpable. While here, don’t miss the nearby Emerald Buddha and Wa Pho home to the largest Buddha in the country. At night Grand Palace is illuminated making it a very romantic experience you can afford to miss when visiting Bangkok.

2The Golden Triangle

This is the point where the Ruak River and the Mekong River meet. It is also known as Sop Ruak locally, it is the point at which Mynmar/Burma, Thailand and Lao meet. Stand on the bank of Thailand River and have a breathtaking view of the Laos and Burma. You may opt to hire a boat to explore the Golden Triangle where you will find numerous elephant and Buddha statues and market stalls.

3Elephant Trekking

Thailand’s national symbol is the elephant and a revered animal. There are several ways you can encounter as well as work with these animals across Thailand.

4Island Hopping

Thailand has several thousand miles of coastline waiting to be explored. You can try exploring the coastline on a long-tail boat and discover the numerous islands and beaches. Other activities you can engage in here include snorkeling, kayaking and swimming. The Gulf of Thailand, Koh Samui, Koh Tao and Koh Phan Ngan coastlines are particularly scenic.

5Hot tribe villages

Karen, Hmong, Lisu and Akha tribes are found on the northern part of Thailand. You can take a break from the normal tourist trail and spend a day or night with the local communities here and experience their way of life.


You can also join in local celebrations, events and festivals that offer an exceptional insight into the traditions and customs of the locals. The most famous include the floating lanterns, Thai new year/Songkran, Naga fireballs and Loi Krathong.

7Floating Markets

A visit to the floating market with wobbly wooden boats filled with colorful local product. All you need to do is pick a market and arrive early enough to bag the best bargains and avoid big crowds. The markets are very picturesque; you cannot afford to leave behind your camera.


This lush forest province is a haven for backpackers, it is the where the famous Death Railway that links Myanmar/Burma and the bridge over the River Kwai. Although it has a dark past, it one of those spots that must be on your Thailand itinerary.

9Ancient Ruins

Thailand has a number of ancient sites with superb biking and hiking trails that are worth giving a try while visiting the country.


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