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Why Is Your Computer Sluggish Top 5 Most Common Causes

Slow Computer

In this era of globalization, computers no longer make us feel like old Jurassic fossils. In fact, most of us have personal computers. If you have a computer at home, you can be sure that one day, it will be running slower than usual.

Let us take a sneak peak of the reasons why this will be so

Low disk space

The hard disk of your computer can be filled without your notice. It may also have been badly fragmented. Improper shutting down of your computer can corrupt your hard disk, making it even slower. If the RAM of the computer is not adequate to perform the tasks you wish to perform, the compute will run on a snail’s pace. You may need to perform disk cleanup and uninstall unused programs in order to make the computer a bit faster. Remember that the hard disk is the heart of the computer.

Outdated Operating System

Hardware and software also play a very important role in determining the speed of a computer. For instance, if you have just installed a printer or a scanner, it may be the reason for the sluggish computer operations. Hardware failure may also be the reason behind the slowdown. On the other hand, the Operating System installed on the computer may be outdated or corrupted. Program misalignment may also have occurred. The drivers installed may be outdated and fake. Additionally, the anti-virus software may also outdated, making the computer to slow down. On a different note, the computer may have grown too old to operate faster. You need to update this software if the computer is to run fast. You also need to check the computer system thoroughly to ensure that the Minimum system requirements as per the computer manufacturer. It is perhaps crucial to modify the settings of the system in a way that enhances speed.

Running many programs

Installing Bar Load Waiting Indicator Concept

We have always found ourselves opening many applications and programs. For instance, if you are running too many background programs, you expect the computer to run slowly. On the same note, if the start window is overloaded, the same happens- the computer slows down. Having several wallpapers and widgets on the desktop only takes up your valuable time and space. If you using your computer to access the internet via a home or workplace local network, there could be a large number of intruders to the network. This makes slows the computer making website navigation difficult. Mismatched internet setting is an insult to the injury.

Viruses and malware

These malicious programs are created to interfere with the normal operations of the computer. Viruses slow down computers in a variety of ways. For instance, they infect files and applications, making it hard for them to be launched successfully. Some viruses may corrupt the hard disk and the operating system, especially if they are not genuine. Others multiply and fill the hard disk, making it hard for the computer to run fast. Unending pop-ups make the computer use burdensome and slow. You need to install the latest version of your favorite anti-virus and anti-popups software in order to curb his slowdown.

Running the computer for a long time

If you run your computer for a long time without switching it off, its processor may overheat, causing it to run slowly. Running the computer for a long time also leads to the accumulation of hair, dust and dust, making ventilation difficult and slowing the computer a great deal. It is true that the computer works without getting tired, but it is also true that running it for a long time interferes with the hardware and the software, slowing it down. If your computer is infected with viruses, running it for a long time gives the viruses time to multiply and infect almost every file in the computer. If you want to boost the speed of the computer, reboot and see whether there will be a change.

In a nutshell, it is common for computers to be sluggish once in a while. Whenever this happens, you need to do a thorough hardware and software check-up so that you can identify the problems and solve them easily. You have a variety of troubleshooting options, as discussed above, and depending on the reason for your computer slow-down.


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