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Why Are Google Internet Balloons Losing Altitude

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Many individuals understand Google as a global power in internet communications. Indeed, the company has done a great job of bringing internet services to the people over the last decade. Some of the most notable achievements of Google have centered on the issue of communication and internet search, which has led to the development of YouTube, the acquisition of Android as well as the improvement of search engine capabilities. However, most people are not aware that Google has also invested in ambitious programs to distribute connection to the internet around the world.  

Introducing Google X

Google X is a highly secretive venue for the development of innovative internet technologies in which Google specializes. At Google X, the company identifies blind spots in the process of communications and internet mobility. The programs in this category are ambitious, expensive as well as time consuming. Some of the most memorable projects to come out of Google X include the Google Glass as well as the driverless car. The goal is always to eliminate human involvement and therefore deal with the element of automation and its weaknesses. The two projects mentioned earlier helped competitors of Google to understand that rivalry can be both friendly and beneficial to all. The idea through which Google used to prove this was Project Loon.

Project Loon  Google’s Project Loon is very simple. It is a strategy geared towards the establishment of internet capabilities in remote areas. For the company, each single process involving the installation of internet capabilities takes up a lot of time and funds. The issue of costs moves on to the consumer after the final evaluation. However, Google sought to do it differently by avoiding expensive masts and using balloons.  

Google Balloons

Google Ballon

Google balloons are versatile and move around specific GPS points to enable internet access to users in the regions the technology targets. The project has however met a number of hitches in relation to altitude and perception.

Problems relating to altitude loss 

The Loon project has been ambitious as well as innovative. Nevertheless, there are many snags in delivery and altitude. The problem here is that many places in the world for example the outback of Australia, have their specific sets of natural conditions in terms of wind, drift and the movement of signals. It is therefore normal to encounter problems related to the loss of altitude. Remember, the loss of altitude will irrevocably mean the loss of transmission and its quality.

It is therefore safe to assume that Google internet balloons are losing altitude because currently, the program is too experimental and inconclusive. However, it is set to pick up and deliver in due time.


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