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Which smartphone has the best camera – 2015


Unlike in the past when we had to rely on point-and-shoot cameras, nowadays, a majority of people are opting to use their phone cameras to capture special moments. This comes in handy as using a phone camera is a whole lot more convenient and fast, the image quality is always good and, one is able to share these photos on the go. But since there are so many smartphones in the market, you might be wondering which of these has the best camera.So let’s take a look:

Basically, the ideal way of knowing which smartphone has the best camera is to decide what kind of pictures you will be taking. As such, you will be expected to decide whether you want a smartphone with a camera that’s perfect for taking selfies, capturing outdoors pictures or one that’ll help you launch your photography skills. In this regard, a HTC Desire Eye smartphone camera is the perfect one for taking selfies, a Samsung Galaxy S5 is ideal for taking outdoor shots especially ones involving active sporting activities while a Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1 is ideal for aspiring photographers.

When it comes down to choosing the ultimate smartphone with the best camera (one that can do all of the above), then, the iPhone 6 Plus is the winner.

This is primarily because of its exemplary features some of which include:

iPhone 6 Plus has a dual LED flash: When you turn on the flash, the camera is able to capture in detail the object being focused on. For instance, when taking a shot of a woman, you will see all of her facial features in detail.

A tone mapping technology that helps in reducing photos that have been exposed. As such, you can use it to take breath-taking photos even under very bright sunlight.

Image stabilization. This makes it possible for one to take high quality photos even in low-light environments, like during the night.

This camera further allows you to take slow motion videos at 240 fps. The camera can also be used in shooting regular videos at 1080p.

Smartphone Technology

The smartphone’s FaceTime camera is able to capture in fine detail one’s features. Thus, it’s perfect for taking selfies

An 8 MP resolution which enables large 1.5 micron pixels for low light aptitude.

The camera can be manually controlled through a number of third party apps.

A sensor with f//2.2 aperture. This makes it easier for more light to get in.

The smartphone’s camera has an exceptionally fast autofocus.


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