The entire concept of the Internet-of-things is both interesting and exciting and it is easy to understand why when you look at the possibilities that are emerging as the technology takes hold. You see, we are now at a point in this particular technological revolution that we are looking at ways to connect everyday items to the Internet so that we can control them from afar and basically further help our lazy nature.

So, where is it leading? Where will it stop? Will it go crazy and infect objects that you never thought would be connected via the Internet? What Exactly Is It?

First, we need to explain the term. The basic explanation is that it involves objects being able to both send and receive data that can then be used in some way. Indeed, some argue that it can go even further and involve humans and animals being given a unique identifier that allows them to transmit data and to do so without there being a need to be physically connected to a computer.  The key is that the object is able to be given an IP address and its uses are actually more apparent than you may initially think.

How This Technology Can Be Used.


To explain it better we will look at two examples, one with humans and another with a normal, everyday object. For humans, the internet of things can involve an individual wearing a heart monitor. This monitor is then able to send information direct to a doctor who can then check to see if any changes to medication are required. Clearly this is going to help save the lives of so many people, so in this instance it is certainly a huge step forward in technology and one that should be welcomed with open arms.

For everyday objects, there is the idea that it is able to send information back to the manufacturer or a supplier who can then monitor usage and even identify, then hopefully fix, some errors with the object. Once again, this is going to prove to be extremely useful as is the idea that we will be able to program objects ourselves via our laptop, work computer, or smartphone whenever we want.

So where is it going to go next?

Thanks to changes to the IP address system, there are now more than enough IP’s for every single object in the world several times over. Could it end up leading to your toaster being connected? Why not and the same goes for your coffee machine, lights, and anything else that you see around you right now.

The one thing that is for sure is that the next couple of years will be very interesting when it comes to the development of this technology.


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