Each and every beach enthusiast have their very own reasons for what makes one particular beach the go-to for themselves. For some, it could be a calm, nap inducing splendor in the warm sea breeze. For others, it has to have the perfect ratio of white sands and crisp blue waters while others concentrate on the all-mighty entertainment and activities filled roster which they always employ in every beach venture they pursue. When all of these elements are combined, along with such things as accessibility, affordability and variety, it is these 7 which triumph.

So, what are the 7 best beaches on earth? Let’s go find out…


The serene beauty of Kauai is relentlessly seductive with its rugged sands, glazed sunsets and a sky so blue it borders on the surreal. It is the eldest of the Hawaiian islands with an endearing charm but regardless of it’s assets, it still never over capitalizes in the tourist trap fashion and there always is this old world charm whose sweet scent can be smelled in the warm air. Ideal natural beauty, hiking and swimming that beckons the ruralistic fan club. It can be a little spendy at times but the experience is well worth it.

2Cayman Islands

There is nothing quite like the dimming, golden sunset bearing its last bit of gleam onto the enchanting barrier reefs, whom the divers and beach bums alike find as a frame to these beautiful beaches. There is the age-old Mastic trail to wander through and then parents can enlighten their children’s imagination with interactive swims with wildlife at Stingray City. Whatever you feel like you can always be rest assured of a nice, mellow atmosphere


Maldives is a beach that fills one’s imagination with tropical fish dancing along within the warm, salty seas, especially after you have just come back from there. It is a landscape filled with 3,000 coral reefs to navigate and then a backdrop of sprawling sands that will whisk away your senses. Great cuisine and lodging tops this beach off at number 3.


Easily one of the greatest beaches on the planet, Seychelles is a scenic beauty of a beach which rest it’s shores in the Indian Ocean. One of the most unique elements which gives Seychelles its distinction are the massive boulders surrounding it’s landscape. There are several islands in the area, luscious palms swaying in the warm winds and great areas a plenty for outdoor activities. Truly epic.


A view that would make a postcard rethink its purpose in life, these green, overlapping hills with rustic, ancient temples filling in the backdrop can lift your heart with inspiration indeed. There are wonderful, trendy strips with great restaurants and activities for the whole family to enjoy. The lovers of peacefulness would enjoy Lovina Beach for its secluded take on life. Great stuff


The great wordsmith himself, Shakespeare, found the stunning rapture of Corfu so enticing that he used it as the setting of one of his most cherished works,“The Tempest.” It is no wonder these unforgettable white sands with the historically haunting rock formations breath life into the Corfu experience. Every where you tread on these dreamy grounds, there is the smell one can’t ignore from the cypress trees and the reflective olive leaves. It is a different, wonderful experience all together.

7Rio de Janeiro

Everyone knows the name but does everybody know what its like to walk aside the still, golden waters of Rio de Janeiro. The views are superb, green hills dipping into the shiny and warm blue waters which can’t be missed from any angle which you choose to look. Lush rain forest highlights this highly popular, sometimes overcrowded resort area but come on now, its Rio de Janeiro, it can’t be missed.

The 7 Wonders

You simply can’t deny the selections here, they can capture even the most cynical of hearts. If you have ever been to any of these fine beaches or if you plan on it, you already know or will know the splendor that they provide because they just simply can’t help but be the 7 best beaches on earth.


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