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Weddings are often expensive and time consuming. Though this may be necessary to get your dream wedding, it can cause a lot of stress and leave the bride feeling overwhelmed at a time when she should be enjoying one of the best times of her life. Fortunately, there are various things you can do to save both time and money spent on the wedding.

1Start preparations close to the wedding date

A lot of advice out there will tell you to start planning for your wedding as early as possible to avoid last minute hustles. The downside with this action plan is the tendency to make elaborate plans which are expensive and require a lot of time to plan and execute. So instead of starting preparation a year earlier, opt to do it a few months to the wedding. This will help you streamline your plans and create an affordable, timesaving wedding. However, be careful not to go to the other extreme and start planning a month or less to the wedding. This will just add to your stress.

2Create an email account specifically for the wedding

Nowadays, sending invitations and receiving RSVPs is done majorly by email though you can also complement this with the traditional paper invites. If you decide to use email, don’t make the mistake of giving out your personal email account for people to send their RSVPs. It will take a lot of time to sort through them considering that they will be mixed up with your personal emails and some may get sent to the spam folder. Open an email account specifically dedicated to the wedding.

3Know your priorities

One thing you will realize as you plan for the wedding is that it will be necessary to make a lot of cuts in your budget. To save time deciding where to make the cut, plan your priorities. Basically, which are the things that must take place? It can be a certain DJ, the caterer or a certain venue. Once you have your priorities, it is easy to look through the other aspects of the plan and cut their budgets accordingly.

4Avoid the crowd

From around April to October, there are lots of weddings taking place. This means that there is stiff competition for things like venues, wedding gowns and caterers. This tends to push up prices and can substantially add to your overall budget. To save money, opt for offseason times. This is usually between November and March.

In addition, avoid getting married on Valentine’s Day and on Saturdays when a lot of other weddings are happening. A weekday would be a nice idea but if you need to make it convenient to your guests, Friday night or Saturday night are also good.

5Don’t invite the whole town

Having everyone, including people you are meeting for the first time, is a nice idea but nit a very wise one. Most probably, you are being charged for catering and venue per person. So more guests means more money spent. Limit the guest list to close family members, friends and a few work colleagues. Ideally it should not be over a 100.

6Go tech

To keep track of the many details involved in planning a wedding, make technology your friend. There are tons of apps and websites where you can make planning easier, faster, cheaper and time saving. Some will help you send invitations and keep track of them while others keep track of any gifts sent. Some will even help you arrange every tiny detail of your wedding.

7Choose a unique venue

When you think of the ideal wedding venue automatic ideas that may come to mind include a wedding hall or a country club. But these places tend to be expensive because they are there for that purpose and the competition is also high. Go for more unique options such as your backyard or a public park (you can hire one for a few hours).

8Hire a photography student

Photographers and videographers usually have a pretty high price tag especially if your wedding stretches on for long or goes into night hours. You can drastically cut your photography bill by hiring a photography student. With good research you can find one who is as good as a professional and also has lots of experience.


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