Hawaiian Traditional Plate

1Lomi Salmon

You can expect Hawaii to have lots of sea food and this is one of the best. The raw cured salmon is diced up and then mixed with onions, tomatoes and at times hot peppers. The dish is best eaten cold.

2Kalua Pig

If you want an authentic and exotic taste of pig, this is the best dish to try. Cooking it actually involves baking a pig whole in a ground oven. This is what Kalua means; bake in a ground oven. This is why the meat has a smoky taste. To help retain the meat’s flavor, it is wrapped in ti leaves. The texture of the meat is juicy and tender.


This is a favorite over at Hawaii. It consists of a hamburger patty, a fried egg and brown gravy. All these is served with rice. Of course different areas within Hawaii will whip up their own variations though they are all very similar.


This is a variation of Sashimi. It includes raw pieces of seafood like tuna, octopus or salmon. The seafood is first dipped in a shoyu and sesame oil marinade which also contains kukui nuts, scallions and chili. Best eaten as a light lunch or a snack.

5Chicken Longrice

This is a type of soup that includes clear mung bean noodles or longrice and chicken. These two are then cooked in chicken broth heavily flavored with ginger. Works best as an appetizer; the gingery aspect tends to whip up a mighty appetite. It can also be taken as a snack.


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