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Top Reasons Why Cleveland Loves LeBraun Again

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When LeBraun James left Cleveland for Miami, a lot of fans were very upset since he is one of the best players and had decided to leave. The fans were disappointed because for most of them the main reason they supported the team was because LeBraun was in it. After many numerous but failed attempts, LeBraun finally decided to go back to Cleveland. This has been a great joy for fans and the team as well. Below are some of the top reasons why Cleveland loves LeBraun again even after he left for Miami.

The first reason why Cleveland loves LeBraun again is the fact that his coming back creates a very high chance for Carmelo Anthony to join him. This is because the two have been friends for quite some time. They are therefore most likely to play on the same team. Since both of them are great players, this is good news for Cleveland because it shows some promising results in the future. There is a lot of hope that Carmelo will be joining LeBraun because there have not been news that he might be signed by any team in Miami. Most people consider Carmello to be quite desperate because he has completed another season which was one of the best I his career and has not managed to win a title yet. Winning a title is something that might just make him sign with Cleveland. This is good news for all fans

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The other reason that Cleveland loved LeBraun again is the fact that going back to Cleveland made him seem honorable. Being one of the best NBA players that Cleveland has ever had, it was a great disappointment for a lot of fans to hear that he was leaving for Miami. Being the man that he is, he was always disturbed by what his people might think of him. He must have left for a very good reason and might not have had a reason to return to Cleveland. He however chose to go back and win another title. This is something very honorable that made his fans love him once more.

Last but not least, Cleveland loves LeBraun again because he is a very good player. He has managed to win championships in the past. His return to Cleveland gives Cleveland a great chance of winning championships especially this time because he has something to prove. A chance to win a championship is something worth embracing LeBraun for.


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