Crete Food

Food and travel go hand in hand. For many, the best part of having a holiday vacation is the opportunity to taste on various delicious foods. When you visit Crete, you will discover a number of dishes that will make you have a foodie experience and enjoy your holiday.

Here are top five delicious dishes in Crete


Psitos is one of the most delicious dishes in Crete which contain ingredients that are not only delicious but healthy too. Some of the ingredients used to prepare this dish include potatoes and pork which many of us are accustomed to. However, it is not the potatoes and pork that makes the dish one of the most delicious but it is the tenderness of the pork that genuinely melts in your mouth. This is because the dish has slowly been cooked in traditional Cretan wood burning stove for approximate 3 hours continuously until the pork becomes tender.


This is a simple yet a delicious dish that resembles the Greek version of bruschetta. The dish is prepared using fresh tomatoes, the barley Rusk base, topped with crumbly Feat cheese and plenty of seasoning. Koukouvagia is a simple, staple and superbly satisfying meal which has extended its reach across Greece.


If you love dessert, Loukoumades is a good choice to try while in Crete. This is small dough that has been fried until golden brown and topped with cinnamon and honey syrup for additional taste.


Cretan seafood is of various varieties. In Crete, you will find edible fish and shellfish that have been prepared using different herbs and spices for additional delicacy. If you love seafood, this is the place to have them.


Bougatsa in Crete comprises of filo pastry that has been wrapped around a filling of creamy custard and dusted for additional taste using the powdered sugar. Bougatsa is a mid-morning snack which you can choice from either the meat or cream cheese version depending with your taste and preference.


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