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Top 6 Facts About Marijuana

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Marijuana basically refers to dried leaves, seeds, flowers and stems from the plant Cannabis sativa, that contains the psycho-active (mind altering) chemical delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol (also abbreviated as, THC), as-well-as other related compounds. The plant material may also be concentrated-in a resin known as hashish or sticky black liquid known as hash oil. Marijuana is normally smoked in hand rolled cigarettes (which popularly known as joints) or in a pipe or a water pipe (also known as a bong). It’s also smoked in form of blunts, that is cigars which have been emptied-of tobacco & have been refilled with mixture of marijuana & tobacco. The marijuana smoke has a distinctive pungent which is usually sweet and sour, odor. It may also be mixed-in food or can be brewed as tea.

Top 6 Facts About Marijuana:

1. Marijuana vs Hemp – Although both marijuana & hemp are weeds and have similar leaf shape, & are sub-species of the plant cannabis sativa, they’re in fact quite different. Marijuana basically has flowering buds which have a high content-of THC (that is, the stuff which makes one feel “high”). While hemp, on the-other-hand, has a low THC-content (you can’t get high from smoking-hemp.)

2. Gender Bender – Smoking marijuana could be a rather different experience for women and men, that is according to a study done in the year 2014 (shown in the-journal Drug & Alcohol Dependence). In a similar research, Washington State University-psychologist, Rebecca Craft found out that women were much more sensitive to the cannabis pain killing qualities, however, they were also much more likely-to develop tolerance for the marijuana drug, which may contribute to some negative side effects & dependence on marijuana.

3. Only about 9 percent of marijuana users or smokers become clinically-dependent, according to a research study.

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The estimates from the research suggest that only about 9 percent-of users get addicted to marijuana; the number increases among the ones who start at a young age (to about 17 %, or 1-in-6) & among those who use marijuana on a daily basis (to 25 to 50 p%).

4. Marijuana is legal & isn’t even classified-as a drug in North-Korea.

5. Uruguay became, in the year 2013, the 1st country in the whole world to make-it legal to not only grow, but sell & consume marijuana.

6. Hemp & marijuana were at one time considered to be separate entities.

1937 Marihuana Tax-act was focused on THC producing variety. It was not until the year 1970, when a Comprehensive Drug-Abuse Prevention & Control Act took over and went on to lump hemp & marijuana in one same category, thus making both of them illegal, and created the confusion in most people’s minds up to this day.


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