When you decide that the only way to get out of your current situation is to get a divorce, you should start thinking about divorce mediation. This is the most amicable and cost- effective option to resolve the divorce without necessarily destroying your family’s financial future. It helps you avoid the emotional turmoil and stress commonly associated with traditional divorce litigation.

Following below are the top 5 tips on how to prepare for divorce mediation:

1Decide to Mediate

Your spouse and you should sit down and decide whether the divorce case can be mediated. The only way the mediation will work is if both parties actually want to mediate.

2Organize Your Financial Records

The next step involves making sure that your current bank accounts, loan monthly statements, retirement accounts, mortgage and other financial records are in order. Take an inventory of every household belonging and possession, and any other debts and assets of the marriage. Then, pull together your income tax returns, pay receipts and any other documentation that concerns both parties’ incomes. If any of you is self- employed, gather the necessary profit- loss statements and corporate tax returns.

3Decide What You Want from the Mediation

Come up with your own ?Divorce Mission Statement’, in which you list and expound on your goals for the resolution of the divorce case. This statement will ensure that you focus your efforts on achieving the best resolution of the case. You should also ask your spouse to do the same. Explain that it will help to focus on the issues that demand top priority.

4Consider the Children

Children are very important and are often negatively affected when their parents decide to divorce. Therefore, you should be honest with them. As far as possible, sit down as a family with your spouse present and talk the issue over with your children.

You should also limit and hide any anger and personal feelings you have towards your spouse when you discuss the issue in front of the children. This way, you will not leave any lasting negative effects on the innocents. Above all, you should always show and remind your children that the both of you love them and will support them through the whole ordeal. Keep in mind that as long as your children are still minors, the both of you will have to work together and communicate if you are to be effective co-parents.

5Do Your Research

Finally, before you choose a divorce mediator, always do a thorough research. Find someone who actually has the training, the qualifications and the accreditation to perform divorce mediation.


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