Nanaimo Bars

In Canada we have a variety of locally prepared foods that are not only delicious but healthier too. From the Saskatoon berries and Nanaimo bars to Beaver Trails and Screech, here are top 5 tasty and drool-worth Canadian foods.


Beavertails is a sweet Canadian treat that is commonly spotted at fairgrounds, ski hills, theme parks and tourist hot spots. Since its creation in 1978 by Grant Hooker, Beavertails has remained a leisure time tradition meal that is loved by many in Canada. The deep fried whole wheat pastry is served while steaming hot with a number of yummy condiments including apples, chocolate, butter and jam, cinnamon toppings, classic sugar, and whatever your heart desires.

2Nanaimo Bars

Nanaimo Bars are also one of the tasty Canadian foods. They consist of three layers; a chocolate top, a custardy middle part and a crunchy base that has chopped nuts and graham cracker. Some Canadians move a step ahead and make the Nanaimo Bars even more delicious by adding mint, peanut butter flavors and mocha at the middle.

3Butter Tart

After tasting the beaver trails and Nanaimo bars, you can change your diet by having another tasty Canadian dessert, the Butter Tart. The Butter Tart is a pastry that has a sugary filling which can skew either semi-solid or gooey and a flaky exterior. To make the Butter Tart even more delicious and healthy, raisins or walnuts are added.


Tourtière is a meat pie that has added onions and spices such as cloves and cinnamon for additional taste. The preparation of Tourtière follows no golden rule and allows personal variation. This means one can add in veggies, herbs and potatoes to make the pie crust and to increase the nutritional value and the delicacy of the meat pie

5Montreal Bagels

This is a Canadian breakfast’s treat that has been cooked in a wood-burning oven and poached in honeyinfused water. This ensures a quality disc of dough, Montreal Bagels that is delicious and healthy.


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