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Top 5 Retirement Gift Ideas For Women

Women Retiring

When a woman retires, she can be emotional about leaving her job and working years behind her. This is why it’s important to give women gifts that will help them cherish the memories that they relate to their good years at the office. If someone in your office is retiring and you’re not sure about what gift you or the company should give, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Engraved Glasses and Flutes

This is a good gift is she is fond of wine or other fancy drinks. The flutes or glasses should be a good quality and possibly engraved with her name or a special message for her. Ensure that the packaging is just as special as the box itself and she’ll cherish both the gift and the gesture. Also, this gift is a combination of pretty and practical so most women love receiving this gift when they retire. If she doesn’t enjoy drinking or already has too many glasses, you could instead engrave a beautiful timepiece or even a watch. Remember that the gift should be something that she’ll enjoy and also use on a regular basis.

Travel Vouchers and Related Items

Chances are, now that she has some free time, she can begin to explore a little further and travel. Even if she’s traveling domestically, it’s great to have an inspiration to take that first trip. Because of this, you can gift her some holiday tickets. Maybe you provide a plane voucher or a gift certificate to any hotel in a certain area she wants to visit. You can even gift her with travel-related items such as a set of luggage which is always appreciated. Make sure that she has expressed an interest in traveling so that she’ll understand and like the gift

Spa Gift Certificates

Gift Cards

Similar to traveling, now she finally has time to spend on herself. This is a great time for women to reinvent themselves and why not start with a trip to the spa? Get a gift certificate for a day or weekend of pampering. Even if she’s never been before, she’ll love having an excuse to go, especially without having to spend her own money. Find a spa in the area that offers a variety of services if you’re not sure what she would like and then give her the certificate in the amount so that she has the option of several luxury experiences. To really make this gift a hit, find out if she’s been to a spa before and, if so, her favorite one to visit.

Hobby Sets

While a hobby set is a general term, you’re going to have to find out what she actually likes to be more specific in giving a gift. For example, does she like to garden? Why not give her a gardening kit with new supplies and tools to make the job easier? Or, maybe she wants to take up painting. Give her a set of brushes and some starter paints to encourage her habits. The best way to go about giving a gift she’ll really enjoy and treasure is to find out her favorite hobbies. Once you know these, you can give her a set that will help her improve or continue with her hobby.


Books are a person’s best friend, no matter what you do in life. It doesn’t matter how old you are or where you are in life. A book can be one of the most enjoyable ways to spend a day and transport you anywhere. So, go out and get a nicely bound book set. Look for ones with unique additions or illustrated editions. If possible, find out the woman’s favorite authors or genre and find books that are compatible with her tastes. To round out this gift, accompany the book with some fun posters or bookmarks and you’ll have a great gift that’s perfectly personalized to her taste.

These five gifts are some of the best options to give a woman when she retires. They will show her that she is truly treasured and will be missed. These gifts will also give her a chance to experience new hobbies or simply enjoy her golden years so use this list as an inspiration when you’re unsure of gift ideas.


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