South America has got so many cities in it and here are the top 5 among then in terms of population.

1Buenos Aires

This is the city that is the capital of the country Argentina and is the largest state of it. This is the place that is second largest as metropolitan area in the case of South America. This is the place that has got so many Buenos Aires Province districts included in it which also include the conurbation of Latin America that is the third largest in it. This is the city that has got the population of about fifteen and also half million associated with it. This is not the city that is part of the province of Buenos Aires or the capital of the Province. It is also an autonomous district. Buenos Aires got federalized and it got removed from the province of Buenos Aires. This is the place that has got good and sophisticated infrastructure associated with it.

2Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is the global city that is located in south eastern part of Brazil. This is the most populous city of Brazil and the twelfth of the largest city in terms of population. This is the wealthiest and also most populous state of Brazil. It has got much stronger regional influence over entertainment, arts, finance and also commerce. This is the city that has got house the Sao Paulo stock exchange located in it which the second largest one in the whole world. This city has got mush considerable amount of political, economic and cultural influence both nationally and internationally.

3Rio de Janeiro

Rio is the city that is located in Brazil with second largest size. This is the sixth city in America in terms of the area. A portion of the city got designated as the world heritage site. This is the city that is initially the seat for the captaincy that of the Rio. This is the city that is second largest in the case of GDP in the country. Vale and Petrobras which are the major companies of Brazil and are located in this city. The city also has got so many institutes and universities available in it.


This is the capital city of Colombia that has got about 6778691 people dwelling in it. The metropolitan of Bogota include municipalities of EI Rosal, Tenjo, Tabio, Mosquera, Funza, Madrid, La Calera, Cajica, Soacha, Cota and Chia. This is the largest city of Colombia considering the area occupies by it. This is the city which is popularly known as Athens of South America. This is the place that has got largest moorland in world. This is the city that is located in Sumapaz locality.


This is the capital and also largest city located in Chile. Santiago can be found in central valley of the country at an altitude of 520m above the sea level. This is the city that has undergone significant economic growth in the past decades which made it a modern metropolis.


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