There are people who will try anything including suing someone on frivolous grounds just to make money. While some of these lawsuits will make you laugh, it is important to note that frivolous lawsuits have very little chance of making it through the corridors of justice.

These lawsuits often ends up denting the plaintiff’s wallet. Here are top 5 most frivolous lawsuits in history:

1Richard Overton sued Bud

Overton filed a lawsuit against Anheuser-Busch, creators of Budweiser beverage for misleading and false ads. Overton claimed that the ads involved illusions of beautiful ladies in settings that became a reality for 2 men driving a Bud truck. In addition Overton claimed that he suffered mental injury, emotional distress and financial loss amounting to $ 10,000 as result of the misleading ads. The lawsuit was dismissed.

2Family sued Warner Bros and Oliver Stone for their movie which inspired a crime

Patsy Byers’ family sued Warner Bros and Oliver Stone for making and distributing their film “Natural Born Killers”. According to the family, the movie inspired Benjamin Darrus and Sarah Edmonds to get involved in crime. As a result Edmond shot Byers in the course of a robbery which left her paralyzed from chest down. Originally the lawsuit was filed in 1995 against Darrus and Edmonds, later Oliver Stone and Warner Bros were included in the lawsuit in 1996.In 2001, the court dismissed the part of the case that involved Stone and Warner Bros.

3Roy Pearson sued a dry cleaner for losing his pants

This is considered among the top 5 most frivolous lawsuits in history. In the lawsuit, Roy Pearson sued Custom Cleaner for $54 million in damages for losing his pants. Pearson’s lawsuit against the family-owned dry cleaning shop was decided in favor of the defendants. Pearson, a judge in Washington vowed to appeal against the decision.

4Andrew Burnett sued Sara McBurnet and San Jose after killing their dog

Andrew Burnett killed McBurnett’s dog during a road rage outburst. In his lawsuit filed in 2003, Burnett claimed that the defendants had caused him mental torture as well as stress. The lawsuit was thrown out.

5Rapist sued hospital for not preventing him from committing the crime

This lawsuit considered among the top 5 most frivolous lawsuits in history was filed by a Sandusky man in 2002.By the time he filed the lawsuit, Edward Brewer was serving a ten-year sentence for raping a patient at Providence Hospital. Brewer claimed that the health facility should have prevented him from committing the crime. The judge ruled in favor of the defendant.


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