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Online degree programs as well as distance education classes keep on growing in both popularity and credibility. A number of respected universities are nowadays putting classes and also degree programs online in every year. As a result, many employers are willing to hire graduates of the top online degree programs than there before. The affordability and flexibility of online schools has actually opened up educational opportunities for a lot of prospective students juggling work, family or other responsibilities.

The following are the top 5 best online schools.

1Kaplan University

This particular university offers a number of online degree programs mostly in the fields of sciences, arts, business, justice, criminal, education, technology, nursing, legal studies, law, information systems, and health sciences. Degree programs are usually designed with the working proficient in mind, and also afford you the flexibility to work when still earning your degree.

2Colorado State University – Global Campus (CSU-Global)

CSU-Global is an independent, online, and fully accredited campus in Colorado State University System. It’s amongst the few public online campuses with a wide selection of entirely online bachelor’s degree programs that are offered at an extremely affordable rate without out-of-state fees as well as a guarantee that online students’ tuition won’t be raised in the course of the program.

3Northcentral University

This online school offers degree online in business administration, accounting, criminal justice, biology, computer information systems, equine management, environmental science, and finance. It also provides the students with interesting and dynamic courses in the early childhood education, human services, legal studies, management, psychology, and sociology.

4Western Governors University

It’s a private online university that was founded by governors of nineteen western states. Its unique competency-based program has in fact won several online awards. Western Governors University requires just an admission exam for acceptance though it as well retains a level of selectivity. It’s for this reason it has earned a top spot amongst the top online schools.

5Grand Canyon University

It features several schools such as the college of education, nursing, fine arts and production, arts and sciences, and business. Since it was founded in 1949, this small liberal arts university is well known for the support it offers to the online programs with both the integrity and prestige of the traditional campus-based college.

These are the top 5 best online schools that you can choose from. However, it’s good to recognize that not all the online schools offer the same degree of credibility when it comes to the job market.


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