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Most of the women nowadays have chosen to live a single life not because there is no one to marry them but by choice. Some think that married life is difficult and complicated while others think that it is a good life .

in the world we are living in, 20 percent of the women are not married and here are the reasons behind their single lives:


When one is single, you are used to a life that nobody cares about whatever you do or wherever you go. You can go home at any time of the day or night, hang out with friends of your choice without anyone questioning your decisions. After living this kind of life, it gets hard for any woman to think about marriage because this is an institution where you do not make decisions alone.

2Personal freedom

Living a single life is the best thing that can happen to any woman. Although it can be boring at times, you can go clubbing and partying any time you want to. When you get married, it becomes hard to attend all those cocktail parties you are used to because you have another person to attend to instead. During weekends and holidays, you can choose wherever you want to spend your vacation but when you are married, you have to obey what the man of the house decides even if you do not agree with it

3Fear of commitment

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Marriage is all about commitment and sacrificing so much for it to work out. Being a single woman, the only commitment you have is you alone so you do not have to feel so tied up by so many responsibilities. Marriage comes with responsibilities and not all women are ready to accept them. The main reason for marriage is companionship and of course procreation. A child is a huge responsibility and demands a lot of dedication and patience. Not all women can be able to handle motherhood and the responsibilities that come with it so they choose to stay single.

4Financial freedom

The truth is when a woman is single she has every right over her finances. She can decide to use all her money in parties and clubbing or might decide to invest. However when a man comes to her life, her money is no longer hers but theirs and vice versa. Before she does anything with the money, she must seek the husband’s approval if it is a lot of it involved. When she used to live a single life, she never sought anyone’s opinion on how to use her money that’s why she chooses to stay single to avoid all that.


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Many women are ambitious and they fell that marriage can be a distraction towards reaching their goals in life. These women prioritize their work before romance and when they make it in life, it becomes their pride. Men feel intimidated by any woman who has her career going and is more financially stable than they are. This time being single may not be by choice but because men are afraid of approaching such a successful woman. The only challenge about this is that you will have made it big in life but you will be lonely.

6Waiting for the right man

Many women have the tendency of saying that they are waiting for Mr. Right and they end up being all alone. Some will wait and wait forever and when they realize it, they are already too old to get married. This will only make them give up on marriage because for sure there is that age that no one will dare to ask you to marry him.


Most women have their goals in life and according to them, being single is the only way they can achieve them. Marriage with all the commitments involved can hinder them to do what they want because they cannot concentrate on one thing anymore. The attention is divided between your goals and your husband.

8Being unconventional

Some women may not want to enter into marriage because they believe it is a baggage in terms of its history and culture and therefore do not want to be involved with all the traditions related to marriage.

9No need for couple

When a woman becomes successful in life and all her goals achieved, she does not see the reason for coupling up because she feels she has it all. The truth is she is still missing because she needs a companion and a person who can listen to her.


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