Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics have really changed since the onset of the Consumer Electronics Show.

The following top 10 picks from the Consumer Electronics Show you need to own include:

1Best Phone

The LG G Flex 2 LG shrank the flexing phone to 5.5 in. and made it much sharper and brighter. Additionally, this phone, the LG G Flex 2 features Qualcomm’s blazing Snapdragon 810 chip, which is the leading smartphone processor in the market today.

2Best Phone Accessory

The Lenovo Vibe Extension Selfie Flash At the moment, selfies are the in-thing in photography. However, it is still notoriously difficult to get good images and selfies in the dark. Therefore, it is a great thing that Lenovo has come up with a ring of LEDs that are designed to snap into smartphones. With this phone accessory, you will get enough light to ensure you no longer have to deal with blurry self-photos. Actually, you can say that it is the best thing since the selfie-stick.

3Best Smartwatch

Lenovo Vibe Band VB10 Among the top 10 picks from the Consumer Electronics Show you need to own is the Lenovo Vibe Band. It is designed to address the main cons of most smartwatches in the market: price and battery life. Basically, the Vibe Band comes with a 1.43 in. E Ink display. Therefore, it should keep running for over a week on a single charge. Needless to say, this is more reasonable than with other smartwatches, most of which only last a day. Additionally, this watch has such activity- tracker prerequisites as the ability to count calories and steps, distance traveled and sleep quality. Similarly, it brings genuine smartwatch functionality what with the notifications from your main phone. What is more, you can get it at the throwaway price of $ 89.

4Best Fitness Gadget

Garmin Vivoactive Garmin moved into smartwatches and announced its new product at the latest Consumer Electronics Show. The hybrid sports- smart device, Garmin Vivoactive, will compete with such giants as Apple and Samsung. The battle will be a difficult one seeing as how Garmin’s remarkably thin smart watch is GPS- enabled. Additionally, it comes with various apps for tracking such sporting activities as swimming and golfing. In the same way, it comes with a built- in optical heart rate monitor. Optionally, you can attach it to a chest stress and pair via Bluetooth. It is also compatible with iOS and Android devices for smarter notifications. The list price of $ 249 also makes it more affordable than other products with similar features.

5Best Health Gadget

TempTraq TempTraq, which is the brainchild of Blue Spark Technologies, is a thermometer designed for babies. It comes in the form of an adhesive bandage that can be placed under the arm. Apart from this, this thermometer has a Bluetooth- connected sensor patch for tracking the baby’s temperature on a continuous basis. The alerts are provided via smartphone. Basically, this is a simple but highly valuable device that is bound to be a hit among parents around the world. Additionally, TempTraq will make people more comfortable with the idea of real-time remote health monitoring

6Best Digital Home Gadget

LG Twin Wash The LG Twin Wash also ranks among the top 10 picks from the Consumer Electronics Show you need to own. This washing machine in a washing machine has space for a full- size load at the top with a smaller pullout drawer at the bottom for washing a second load. Essentially, this washing machine will help you save laundry time altogether. 7. Best Kitchen Gadget – Rotimatic Rotimatic is a robot that is designed to pump out fresh home- made roti. It can hold up ingredients for up to 20 rotis- including oil, water and flour. Additionally, using this machine is pretty simple

7Best Drone

Zano This basic SAFE- stabilized drone is palm sized and can fly. It comes with many features but retails at half the price of other higher- end drones in the market. Similarly, this smart quad drone comes with a 5- MP HD video camera that can capture pictures and video.

8Best Android Tablet

Dell Venue 8 7000 The Dell Venue 8 7000 is among the thinnest tablets in the market. It comes with a sharp screen and interesting depth- sensing camera. However, what gives this tablet its edge is the fact that it is the tablet that gives the Samsung Galaxy S 8.4 a run for its money.

9Best HDTV

LG 55EF9500 Finally, the LG 55EF9500 is numbered among the top 10 picks from the Consumer Electronics Show you need to own because it embodies 4K technology with flat options. It also produces extremely accurate colors and the best possible contrast available in the market.


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