Weird Animal

Have you ever boasted of knowing every critter in the animal world? It could be a weird imagination to be shed with time. Right from the downright ugly to the slimy, you will realize that not all animals are adorable and cuddly. Either in the wild or in literature, at least you will encounter one or two creatures that will leave you thinking of nature’s cruelty. These are creatures that have perplexed biologists and regardless of the fact that there is a reasonable scientific explanation behind their weird look, they don’t become less bizarre.

These include:

1The African Shoebill

This is a monstrous bird native to the African continent, and perhaps the most weird in the bird family. With a height of almost five feet and a massive seven kilograms of weight, you will be amazed by its look. A keen observation will point to a possible cross breed between a heron and a whale. Critiques argue that it takes after an over-sized Dutch shoe, save for the wicked hook that it has on the head.

2The star-nosed mole

Moles will always be adorable little creatures until you meet the star-nosed breed. It has a unique appearance, with 22 mini tentacles featured on the nose, which are are used when looking for food. They are common in most parts of the world, except that you ought to be wary of their disgusting look.

3The Tarsier

For a less discerning eye, the tarsier will appear like a cat. It is a small primate that mostly operates on trees, with enormous eyes, where each of them is thought to be the same size as its brain. They have an excellent climbing and leaping ability. Once they got hold of a tree or a branch, it is barley possible to detach them.

4The Saiga antelope

The animal’s bizarre look is mostly blamed on its purposeful proboscis, a novel nasal apparatus that looks like a real nose. It is thought to filter dust and warm the air before it is inhaled. The animal resides within a limited range in the Central Asian Steppes, but it is one of the critically endangered species because it has been a victim of poaching for a long time.

5The Blobfish

Despite the fact that it is a type of fish, this species looks more of a piece of gelatin. Its body barely has a substantial amount of muscles, a reason why it is capable of surviving in areas with extreme pressure. It discharges an unsightly light yellow substance from its mouth, and has nothing cute unless you take it for a plush toy from a distance.

6The Gerenuk

It is popularly identified as the waller’s gazelle, a long-necked animal from the antelope family, found in dry and thorny desert bushes in East Africa. Its name has a Somali origin, implying that it has a neck which looks like that of a giraffe. On a closer look, however, it is only the neck that takes after a giraffe . The rest of the body is that of a gazelle, giving it a photo-mash-up look that brings together the two animals.

7The proboscis monkey

This is one of the medium-sized monkeys, but it is exclusively native to the rain-forests of Borneo. Looking at the male proboscis monkey, it is certainly the largest in Asia. They have a fleshy nose that looks exactly like that of a saiga antelope, a reason why they make it to the list of top bizarre-looking creatures in the world

8The vampire deer

Each time that you look at this creature, you will think of some novel photoshop-making that uses novelty wax and Dracula teeth. However, this is a real dear with scary fangs that are 3 inches long. With its brown and scary body, you wont be blamed for mistakenly taking it as a wooden stake unless it is in motion. It is thought to be a harmless animal because it has no record of biting anyone.

9The bald uakari monkey

While a red face signifies something wrong with the human skin, the opposite is true in a world of uakari monkeys. A red face is considered a sign of good health, a virtue that these monkeys use when selecting mates. These are primates that mostly live near water, and are often found in Peru and Brazil.

10The bush Viper

This is one of the most scaring snake species mostly found in Cameroon. It is endowed with strange scales, which enable it to blend with the environment so as to camouflage from ambush prey as well as predators. Human flesh does not exist in its menu, although it has a deadly bite.


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