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Top 10 Most Bizarre Murder Weapons in the History

Murder Weapon

Access to weapons is a highly regulated provision the world over, for the fear that people would kill others often, mostly when they get uncontrollably sad. However, persons have in the past explored numerous other forms of weapons’ other than the traditionally known ones in bid to execute murders. This article explores top 10 most bizarre murder weapons in the history. Read on to discover what queer weapons have been used before to kill.

However, you should note that this article was not written to inspire you to kill.


1. Sweatpants

Of course you would little or not at all imagine anyone could use sweatpants to kill another. Yet it happened. In April 2006, Jimmy Hackley, an old man in the United States strangled Patricia Ann McCollum, 30 years old then, to death. For this was considered a first-degree murder, the old man was severely punished.




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