There are many life lessons to learn from the top 10 former child stars from the 1990s. Read on to learn more about what they did back then and what they are up to these days:

1Ross Malinger

You probably remember Ross as the young incurable romantic Jonah Baldwin in Sleepless in Seattle. After his Hollywood stint in such shows as Recess and Party of Five, Ross Malinger took up a job as an automotive shop manager in Malibu. The shop closed in 2009 and no one really knows what he has been up to the past few years.

2Mason Gamble

Mason Gamble played the title role in Dennis the Menace. On his graduation from high school, he was awarded the National Merit Scholar prize. He is also an accomplished pole vaulter. As of 2011, he was studying marine biology after graduating with honors from the UCLA School of Dentistry. Apart from all this, Mason Gamble acts on the side. His most recent movie was with Frances Fisher and Malcolm McDowell in Golf in the Kingdom.

3Tina Majorino

Tina played Corrina in Corrina and Andre in When a Man Loves a Woman. After a long hiatus, she resurfaced in 2004 as Deb, the side-ponytailed girl next door in Napoleon Dynamite. Since then, she’s kept herself busy with various roles on True Blood, Bones, Grey’s Anatomy and Veronica Mars.

4Austin O’Brien

Austin O’Brien was Nick Zsigmond in My Girl 2. He continued acting until around 2011. At the moment, he is running his own photography enterprise in Los Angeles. However, just because Vada Sultenfuss is not his girl anymore does not mean he is available. Recently, his wife revealed that they are about to get their first child.

5Bradley Pierce

Bradley Pierce played the role of the younger brother in Jumanji. He also voiced Flounder in The Little Mermaid and Chip Cup in Beauty and the Beast. These Disney roles have kept him busy while he continues providing voiceover work for other projects where his voice is in demand- such as in Kingdom Hearts. Additionally, he also works in and around L.A. as a restaurant/ bar consultant and bartender, according to his fan page on Facebook.

6Jimmy Workman

Jimmy Workman was Pugsley in The Addams Family movies. Although no one really knows what he is up to, it is likely that he is working on the other side of the camera as a photographer or filmmaker. However, Jimmy Workman has been in the latest celebrity news. Rumor has it that Jimmy was a witness when his sister went to court to receive emancipation from their mother. His sister, Ariel Winter (who is better known as Alex Dunphy from Modern Family) severed all ties to their mother on account of months of abuse. However, according to Workman, no apparent abuse ever took place. Actually, he went on record stating that 15- year- old Winter was simply upset because their mother forced her to break off all relations with her 18- year- old boyfriend. Their other child-star sister, Shanelle, voiced Wendy in the fast food commercials released to promote Wendy’s.

7Ashley Peldon

Ashley Peldon played Elizabeth in Drop Dead Fred. She continues acting from time to time, with some voiceover work on the side. However, this is not all she does. After graduating with an undergrad in child psychology and a master’s degree in clinical psychology, she started working on her depth psychology doctorate. Those who have never seen a website for an actual therapist/ voiceover artist/ actress can be sure that they do not hang around enough people from Los Angeles.

8Amber Scott

Amber Scott was Maggie Banning in Hook. In 2006, she apparently graduated from Trinity College (Hartford) and was a sorority girl. However, apart from an updated headshot (for IMDB), Amber Scott has been lying pretty low. The only live action role she played was as Maggie Banning. Additionally, she has some acting experienceshe did some voiceover work in The American Experience, a documentary released in 1988.

9Adam Hann-Byrd

Adam was Little Man Tate. He also played the young Robin Williams character in Jumanji. In 2004, Adam Hann-Byrd graduated from Wesleyan University (Connecticut) with degrees in film studies and psychology. After being selected as a fellow for Warner Bros. TV Writers’ Workshop, Adam co- wrote a Slender Man short story. Currently, he is working on an unnamed web series.

10Shawna Waldron

Shawna Waldron was Icebox in Little Giants. Since then, she has been involved in a number of acting stints. She has appeared in Stitch, which has her co- staring with Edward Furlong, another 90s child star.


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