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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. However true this may be, there comes a time when everyone has to agree on what should be considered beautiful, and what shouldn’t. It’s worth noting that at this juncture, beauty refers to physical beauty, and not the inner beauty. Going by this, we can agree that South American women are incredibly beautiful, but so are West Africans, and the Asians, and the Canadians, and Russians… Generally, there’s no place on earth where you’ll miss to find a beautiful woman.

But, the top three cities where you are bound to come across the most beautiful of them all are in:


When it comes down to defining beauty in Moscow, beautiful isn’t enough of a word. Women here are stunning, hot and sexy. A walk down the street will get you thinking that you are sitting on the VIP lounge at a fashion show, for every woman you see in this city, from the children – who are incredibly pretty, to young girls, ladies and older women are all gorgeous.

There’s no precise reason as to why of all the women in Eastern Europe, Russians are the most beautiful. The only assumption we can come up with is that, it’s thanks to their genes.

So what makes them so beautiful? Their complexions are gorgeous, their facial structure perfect, and the bodies well toned, which all adds up to the ideal package.


The beauty of Ethiopian women, especially ones residing in Addis Ababa is renown not only in Africa, but the entire world. No simple word can be used to define their beauty, as they are more than perfect.

In this case, the simple answer as to why they are considered so beautiful is that, compared to the rest of African women, their features are highly unique. These include being tall, slender and curvy while most of the African women, especially ones from neighbouring countries, are short. They also have an amazing skin tone that is neither too dark nor too light. In addition, they have very proportional facial structures, beautiful eyes and amazingly charming smiles. But above all this is that they have the best hair that anyone would dream of; kinky, soft and curly.

What’s best about Ethiopian women in Addis is that unlike their counterparts in the countryside, these women know how to dress their bodies in a way that complements their features.


Is there a single woman in Brazil with self esteem issues? Probably not. Everyone knows just how beautiful these women are. There’s even a religious joke about their beauty! It so happens that after God created the earth and showed Adam what he had done, Adam asked God, ‘but why is that country more fertile than all the rest?’ But then God told him, ‘wait till you see the women I am going to put there!’

That aside, the interesting part about Rio women is that they know they are beautiful, no wonder they don’t mind covering just the essentials and leaving the rest out in the open – no woman dresses like that unless she’s 100% sure that she has what it takes to flaunt.

It’s assumed that the reason why they are so beautiful, curvy, with amazing skin tones and unique hair is because they have intermarried a lot, with other races.

So if you ever get bored of the fashion shows or fashion magazines, why not buy a ticket to Rio where you can enjoy, and appreciate the beauty bestowed upon these women?


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