The Gullfoss Falls

Situated between the arctic ocean and North Atlantic is an island called Iceland. With a population of 350,000 the country is sparsely populated making it a perfect tourist destination. Its volcanic background has given this country some of the best eye catching sceneries in the world.

The tourism industry is booming and these are the 9 coolest sites to visit in Iceland.

1Great Geyser

The great geyser is located in the south west of Iceland. This majestic geyser has been active for over 10,00 years. It spouts boiling water upto 70 meters. It is an extremely breathtaking scene. If you love the marvels of nature this is the place you should tour. Geysers are caused by surface water making its way up because of intense temperature and pressure.

2Blue Lagoon

This is the only place on earth you can find warm water to swim in all year round. The crystal clear water at blue lagoon is at a constant 40 degrees centigrade. The lagoon is surrounded by ice and snow. It is a man made site and was a byproduct of the Svartsengi geothermal project. The icy background and natural spa make it a perfect place to visit and take pictures.

3Lake Myvatn

The lake is surrounded by the most beautiful volcanic craters. It was established in 1974 as a conservation area. The waterfalls in the lake have been voted as the best in Europe and nicknamed as ‘Waterfalls of the gods’. Apart from the sceneries the lake is a bird sanctuary. You can find some of the most exotic birds here


Asbyrgi is a majestic 100 meter high and 3.5 kilometer long canyons. It is located in the northern most part of the Jokulsargliufur National Park. It is known as a breeding ground and you can view some wildlife here.


A great waterfall with a path that lets tourists walk behind the majestic 60 meter high waterfall. It is one of the most photographed waterfalls and visiting it is a must.


These are massive lava tube caverns and are more than 3/4 mile deep. They are well lit and offer great natural beauty of lava formations. Tourists are welcome to visit these majestic tunnels. You can learn a lot about lava tubes and enjoy yourself too.


A majestic waterfall that has small streamlets flowing from the top to the canyon below. It offers amazing trekking paths covered with lush molasses. If you love solitude this is the place for you. The waterfalls offer a graceful scene.


Offers one of the most flawless scenery. It is hard to believe that this place actually exists. A great thing is that about this waterfall is their closeness to the city. Gullfoss is also known as Golden Circle. It is a chain of interlocking waterfalls that will amaze you with their beauty.


This massive cliff is a bird haven. You can find many types of birds on this cliff. It is located in the western side of Iceland and was considered as the end points of the earth by our ancestors. You should visit this site and enjoy the mix of birds and the ocean.

Those are 9 of the coolest sites that you should visit while in Iceland. They offer the best of what mother nature has to offer.


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