Beach in Caribbean

The Caribbean covers numerous islands which range from tiny to very expansive ones. On these islands you will find a variety of activities to engage in. Cruising to the Caribbean will no doubt give you a chance to engage in numerous fun-filled excursions. Whether you love shopping, hiking, or adventure with nature, you will find a place that takes care of your interests regardless of your level of activity. Some of the most popular activities in the Caribbean include; ziplining through beautiful jungle canopies, horse riding on spectacular white sandy beaches, encountering the Caribbean sea life as well as learning more about the unique history, cuisine and culture of the Caribbean people.

1Ziplining Through the Beautiful Jungle Canopies

Ziplining is one of the best ways to explore the Caribbean Islands. You will get your adrenaline pumping while on the Punta-Cana Zipline Canopy tour. Here you will see what life is really like above the forest canopy. If you are in St. Lucia you can go for the Aerial Tram Zipline Canopy adventure. Here you will have a day full of adventure and breathtaking experiences. In case you need more relaxation, you can go on the St. Kitts zipline adventure, but to experience the real beauty of Ochos Rios, go on the Jamaica Sky Explorer zipline tour.

2Exploring the Caribbean via Kayaking

While on the Dominican Republic Island, you can opt to kayak up the Chavon River which is quite tranquil. Here you will come into contact with a spectacular wildlife and vegetation as you glide calmly through the water. There are both single and double-manned kayaks. You may also find the St. Thomas night kayak tour quite interesting. This will give you a chance to have a personal and close view of marine life. For a kayaking experience in turbulent waters you may want to try the Rio Bueno Kayaking tour in Jamaica.

3Play with Marine/Sea Life

If you are an animal love then your experience on the Caribbean will be quite memorable. For instance, you will get a chance to see and even play with dolphins, lizards, monkeys as well as ride on horses along the white sandy beaches. You will also get an opportunity to swim with numerous friendly stingrays At Stingray City in the Grand Cayman. These stingrays have literally made their homes in the bay. However, if you are bold enough you can be given a chance to swim along the marine nurse sharks and the strong yet graceful and gentle dolphins.

4Sightseeing By Segway

With all the myriads of adventures and walking to do in the Caribbean it might be helpful to get off the feet and continue with your excursion in a less tiring manner. This can be achieved using segways. These are two-wheeled, self-balancing electrical vehicles that are powered by the battery. They provide a perfect opportunity for you to zip through very fabulous locations without getting exhausted. While on this tour you will see gorgeous scenic landscapes at St. Lucia and Panta Cana. At St. Johns, you will get a chance to explore Fort James, which is a lovely historical fort. You can then conclude you tour at Freeport, where you will explore the busy city center and stop at the beach to have a refreshing swim.

5Speedboat and Snorkeling Tour

The Caribbean also has multiple snorkeling opportunities where you will be able to view beautiful marine life beneath. You can also go on a speedboat sightseeing excursion to see awesome sites and sea animals, after which you can have beach-side meals as you wallow in the sunlit white sandy beaches.

If you are planning to visit the Caribbean you will definitely find numerous interesting sites to view, amazing marine life to behold and interesting activities to engage. There is no doubt your tour will be quite memorable.


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