Women in winter season

With the chilly days of winter around the corner, there is no better time to look for ways that will help you stay warm this winter. If you live in an area, where there is brisk chill and snow in the air during winter season then thermostat will usually be cranked up in an effort to improve the condition in the house.

While this may work when the season comes to an end, most people will be unable to foot the bills, therefore the need to look for inexpensive ways to stay warmer. Whether you are staying at home or going out it is important to keep warm in order to avoid infections and other cold related maladies.

Some of the ways to stay warm this winter include 

1Layering up 

Although most people assume that wearing big hoodies and jumpers is the best way to deal with the cold, what actually works is layering up several thin clothes. The thin clothes will trap the heat and help you get warm during the cold season. Moreover the more skin exposed the more cold the person will feel, it is therefore imperative that you cover nearly all parts of the body to keep warm and trap the body heat. Nevertheless, studies indicate that women will feel colder than men will therefore the need to pile up clothes. 

2Eat well and drink warm fluids

While drinking hot coffee or tea may help you feel warm, caffeine is the most important component that increases blood flow to the skin. When blood flow is increased to the person will feel warm and as a result the heat is lost and you will feel cold immediately, alcohol is known to have similar effect. It is recommended that people should consume herbal hot drinks or decaffeinated drinks to keep warm. In addition, regular meals will help you keep warm.

3Exercise or brisk walk

Most people would not feel like working out during wintertime; however, this is the best way to keep you warm. The rush of endorphins, which boosts mood and exercise, will increase the blood pumping process all around the body and this will heat up the entire system. Moreover, recovery period will be faster than normal days. Walking around will improve blood flow to different parts of the body and release heat to the system. 

4Improve your social life 

One of the ways that will help you stay warmer this winter is socializing. With the long nights m chilly evenings and most people will feel like hibernating than catching up with their friends. According to research, hanging out with friends will help you stay warmer; the studies indicate that social exclusion makes a person feel colder. On the contrary, spending time with people and socializing warms people up as well as improving the moods.  

5Snuggle up

You can save utility bills this winter by getting cozy with warm duvets, blankets, and doonas. You may even add a hot water bottle to keep you warm, although it is not recommended if you have an electric blanket. While sleeping it is vital that you wear pajamas, bed socks, and warm clothing to keep your body warm throughout the night.


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