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Without a doubt, most of us has his own list of must-see places before they turn 40, 50, or before they die. From ancient canals in Venice, to the historical museums in Paris, there are some places, sights, and cultures that one must experience before they leave this planet. This is just a short list of the most breathtaking places that could actually change your life and maybe, even your point-of-view, and you’d feel a sense of accomplishment after visiting them.

Read on to find out what these places are.

1The Great Wall of China

This place considered as one of the ancient and historical spot, where it defines a rich-culture through its architecture. No wonder why it’s defined as one of the top places that one should definitely visit before he dies. It’s a 2,000-year-old-wall and it’s, but that’s not it; it also serves as an important piece of China’s culture and history. Aside from that, it’s also serves as an access to Beijing, that’s why most tourists find it easier and convenient to visit this place

For historians, it’s believed that some parts of this architecture were made around the 600 BC, which was built by the slaves, as well as the prisoners. They carried slabs of stone, in order to build this great site.

As of today, this magnificent wonder is often visited by tourists who are interested not only about the view, but about its rich history as well.

2Venice, Italy

Better known as the “Enchanting City.” Venice is made up of several little islands that are connected by canals. There are thousands of reasons why you should visit this place before you die, and we believe that the sooner you visit this city, the better it would be. For one, this wouldn’t be always accessible, because of the geological shifts. According to some sources this city is gradually sinking every 10 years. Also, because of the waterways, there’s a great chance that this city would forever disappear, after a century or so..

Though, once you reach this quiet place, you’ll realize that it’s a historically rich city that has a lot of things to offer. The magnificent views, Renaissance architecture, and beautiful alleys.

3The Louvre, France

Aside from being the home of the rarest and most fascinating works of art, it’s also the home of the most symbolic, influential memorabilias, around the world. You could find the works of art of Picasso, to Van Gogh, making it a must-see places here on earth.

To support that, one of the writers of the Smithsonian magazine, Allison McLean, asserts that travelers and tourist should definitely visit this museum. It’s a Medieval fortress that became accessible to the public around 1973. Today, it’s labeled as the most sought-after museum, worldwide with millions of visitors every year.

4Grand Canyon, Arizona

If you’re living in America, then visiting this tourist destination is definitely a must, because you wouldn’t have any trouble going here. It’s an 18-mile-wide Canyon that’s around 288 miles along Arizona and Colorado River. Likewise, another prime reason why you must visit this place is that, it’s naturally made and a gift of nature. Upon visiting this place, you have a plethora of things that you can do. You could enjoy hiking, trekking, and even rafting on the Colorado River. No doubt, this place is definitely a haven, especially for the thrill seekers


If you’re not aware, Italy is described as one of those places that has a lot of things to offer to its visitors. It’s a modern country with deep Roman Catholic roots, which only implies that it’s also packed with interesting stuff that most casual tourists and educated visitors would find appealing. In the north, you’ll be greeted by the flatlands of the Po river, as well as the Alps.

6The Pyramid of Giza

This Great Pyramid is considered as one of the best architecture ever built. You could see this pyramid sitting proudly, across the calm Nile River. Additionally, even though no one knew the exact date when this was officially built, research shows that it was around 4,500 years old– during the reign of Pharoah Khufu. Made from limestone, weighing about two tons, this ancient pyramid is one of a kind. Also, according to some, it was built by 2,00 laborers during Khufu’s reign. It’s easy to go to this place, you could ride the taxi from Cairo, or if you’re a little more adventurous, you could opt for a camel ride instead.


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