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Are you considering touring the best destinations in the world? Statistics indicate that China is increasingly growing as the preferred destination for most tourists across the globe.

Just like the other people now you can enjoy these 3 things in China.

3The Chinese Culture

The Chinese civilization stands out as one of the global hallmarks of ancient civilization. Apart from dating as far as 5000 years, the Chinese culture remains one of the most studied and well retained cultures across the globe. Regardless of the increasing rate of modernization and globalization in China, the country’s culture continues to attract people from all corners of the globe.

China has several sites included by the UNESCO World Heritage in the World Heritage List due to their cultural importance and relevance. The fact that these places are included in the World Heritage List implies that they have some global application. Visiting these places in China not only exposes one to the Chinese culture.

You also get to understand the historical background of some of the common global practices that exist today. Some of the common heritage sites in China include the ancient building complex in the Wudang Mountains, the ancient city of Pingvao, and the ancient villages in Southern Anhui. You could experience the Chinese culture by simply visiting the heritage sites, having an immersion tour, or even following the ancient trade route.

2The Great Wall

The Great Wall forms one of the most iconic structures of the ancient world. Alongside the Great Pyramids, the Parthenon, and the Macchu Picchu, the Great Wall has a central place in the ancient history. Regardless of the number of times that you have seen the Great Wall in pictures, seeing it in person is ne of the experiences that you will live to die for. With thousands of tourists visiting the Great Wall every day, it only leaves the question why.

Seeing the wall, climbing it and even peeing over it are some of the experiences of a lifetime that you will cherish when you visit china. Although some sections of the Great Wall attract more tourists than others, the Great wall holds a special place in the Chinese ancient history. While at the site, you could even vacate in the guest rooms nearby and have a clear sight of the sunset and sunrise.

1Children-Friendly Environment

China is ranked among the top three tourist destinations which are friendly to children. Alongside Italy and Greece, China boasts of a children-friendly environment. Most people will always feel that they are disadvantaged in getting to enjoy their holiday vacations in the company of their children. China is a solution to such people. Unlike most nations, chin places very high value to children.

It is no wonder that no matter where you visit while in china, your children will always be taken care of. It is so overwhelming that even in restaurants; the hosts will go to an extent of helping you carry your child for you to enjoy your meals. Regardless of the hospitality extended to children, china also has numerous activities and programs devoted to ensure child tourism thrives.


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