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We all have dreams we would love to achieve while we are still alive. It can be a career goal, a family or a material possession. The only problem is that for some of us, these dreams never manifest. They remain as fantasies in our minds as we admire the successes of those around us. But you are your biggest hindrance to achieving your dreams. Your most powerful and passionate dreams and imaginations can be turned into reality if you know what to do.

1Here are 10 ways to manifest your dreams and lead the life you have always wanted.

2Start from the end

You want to live in a large mansion with amazing ocean views? Then start imagining what the house looks like and how it would be living there. If it is your career, think about your life once you have achieved your goal. By imagining the end, you are cajoling the universe into making things work towards that goal. It also makes it easier to clear out and focus on the path you need to take to get there.

3Stay happy and joyful

Stressed and depressed people never manifest their dreams. It is really difficult to manifest abundance when you are miserable or full of negative feelings like hatred, regret and self loath. Start developing a positive personality of love, happiness, confidence and joy; you will be putting yourself in the right path to your dreams.

4Be patient

It can take a few months for your dreams to manifest or years. The only thing you can be certain of is that they will manifest at just the right time. So do not grow impatient and give up your dreams. Keep on hoping and dreaming, reality is just around the corner. Whenever you feel like giving up, remember what life will be like at the end and get motivated to keep going.

5Do not try to control the outcome

This is a tendency a lot of us have and which can derail our dreams. If you want your dreams to manifest in the best way possible, leave it to the universe. Do not be so rigid that you expect only one outcome and if it is not what you want, you get depressed.

6Be excited about your dreams

Positive energy is of great importance in manifestation. Since like attracts like in the law of attraction, your positivity will attract positive results. Be as happy, confident and excited as possible about what you are going to achieve. Do not let anyone discourage you or attempt to bring you down.

7Be laser focused on the goal

A soccer player only scores by keeping focus on the goal. This should be the same for you. Use writing, pictures, imagination and other things to make your dreams as realistic as possible. This will help you focus better on them and feel like you have actually started to live them. This laser focus is what turns around situations to act and line up in your favor.

8Develop a sense of gratitude

One of the best ways to remain positive is to be grateful for everything that happens in your life, both good and bad. When you are grateful even for the simple and small things in your life, you learn how to appreciate them more. Even when bad things happen, find the positive in it and speak affirmative words to yourself.

9Trust your instincts

Dream manifestations present themselves in terms of opportunities. You therefore have to be extra vigilant not to miss an opportunity when your time comes. You will usually recognize this opportunity through instinct. Trust your instincts and follow your heart.

10Do not limit your dreams

The worst mistake you can make is dreaming small, you will always achieve small things. Do not be afraid of dreaming big and then go after that dream. You deserve the best of life and shouldn’t limit yourself to anything less.


This is a major part of dream manifestation that people ignore. True generosity breeds abundance in your life. Share whatever you can, with no expectation of anything back and you will be surprised at how much your life is improving. Even when your dream manifests, do not forget to share with a friend, family or a stranger.


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