Most of us would agree that we love our iPhones so much, that it seems like it’s impossible for us to live without it, even for just 10 minutes. Likewise, discovering new iPhone features that we’re not even familiar with could spice things up, and make our device even more useful, than how it actually is. Not only that, finding out those additional features could also help the user increase its productivity. With that, we’re here to present some of the common tips and tricks that would help you discover the new features and enhance your iPhone experience even more.

1Shake Those Typos Away

No doubt, we all know that it’s hard to type on a tiny screen, especially if you’re not one of those people who are very skilled at it. With that, a lot of typos are bound to happen– whether you like it or not. Luckily, Apple knew that this would eventually be a problem, that’s why they’ve created an amazing feature that you’re probably not aware of. By just shaking your iPhone, you could easily bring up a few options that would allow you to undo the typo, cancel, or continue. How convenient can that be?

2Let Your Head Control Your Phone

Too good to be true, right? We’re going to bet that most of you would have their minds blown upon reading this. You could control your iPhone with your head! This feature is called, “Switch Control,” where you could easily access through the Accessibility menu of Settings. This feature was created in order to assist those people who have disabilities. You could set it up so that, even by just tilting your head, you’ll be able to check something on your phone with ease.

3Take Snap Shots with Headphones

Aside from controlling your phone with your head, there’s another handy feature that you could take advantage of. We all know that taking photos is very important, because it’s a way on how we could capture those precious moments. However, even though the iPhone’s camera is packed with advanced features, it’s still an iPhone. What we’re trying to say? Well, there will be instances where the photos you take to become jittery, but you could easily avoid that from happening. You could lessen the possibility of blurry photos by using your headphones as your shutter button. In the camera app on your phone, just press the center of your headphones. Voila! Your photo would be instantly taken!

4Location-Based Reminders

For those who travel a lot, this iPhone trick would probably be one of their favorites. Who doesn’t hate the obligation of creating a mental list? This is where you could put the Reminders to good use. Are you aware that your iPhone could actually remind you to accomplish something, based on your location. Believe it or not, that is possible. All you need to do is set up a reminder on your phone, tap the information icon, then actual the location feature. The iPhone utilizes its GPS as a way to remind the user about something, based on their specific location. You could say that your iPhone could also be your virtual assistant that’s free of charge!

5Quick Access When Locked

Don’t let a locked iPhone stop you from doing your usual tasks, ever again. There are two options which you could use every time you accidentally lock your phone. You could use the Siri access or the photo taking feature. By activating Siri (pressing the home button twice) or taking a photo (using the camera icon at the bottom right), you could unlock your phone easily.

6Boost Photos HDR

Do you know what HDR stands for? If the answer is no, it means “High-dynamic range photos.” This kind of technology allows you to take two photos, then it’ll match both of their best qualities together. After that, you’ll be presented with a stunning photo in just 3-5 seconds. With iPhone, you could take this kind of photo by simply using the camera app. Click the “Options,” located at the top center of the screen, then switch to HDR mode. It’s essential to bear in mind that upon adjusting the flash setting of your camera, this would automatically turn off your HDR. Also, HDR automatically adjust the resolution and lighting. Thus, it’s important to pay attention to this as well.


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