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A strong memory greatly depends on the overall health and wellness of the brain. It doesn’t matter if you’re a working professional who must maintain a sharp memory or a student preparing for final exams, there are certain techniques that could help you improve thinking and memory right away. 

1Repeat, Repeat, and Repeat

One of the golden rules in order to improve thinking and memory is to repeat, repeat, and repeat. The brain is capable of responding to novelties, which only implies that repeating something at a different time or in a different way would give way to the novelty effect, resulting to a sharper memory. Some of the most common techniques for this are taking notes, repeating or paraphrasing what someone told you, and repeating a name just after hearing it.

2Visualize Most people find it hard to remember a person’s name or face.

However, this could easily be resolved. Aside from repeating the person’s name, you could also try of associating that name with an image that would allow you to remember it easily. Visualization strengthens the relationship you’re trying to build between the name and the corresponding face. For instance, link the name Sandy with the image of your favorite beach, and try to imagine Sandy at that beach.


In order to keep track of all your appointments and activities for the day, it’s ideal to keep a planner or a smart phone calendar/organizer. This could serve as your journal where you must jot down anything that should be remembered. Likewise, writing down and organizing information triggers learning and remembering.

As much as possible, try jotting down your thoughts, experiences, and even the conversations you had with other people. Also, try to read and review the current and previous day’s entries during breakfast or before going to bed. However, if you’re going to use a planner and not a smart phone, you should keep it in the exact same spot at home and take it with you whenever you leave the house.


Most people find it hard to remember a long list of items. When you’re trying to remember several items all at once, you could group them into 3 or five sets, just like how you usually recall a phone number. This technique would allow you to organize, build associations, and extend the capacity of your short term memory. You’ll be combining the information together, instead of trying to recall them one by one.

For instance, in case that you need to buy plenty of things from the grocery store, you could group the items by categories, such as canned goods, frozen foods, dairy products, and so on.


Whenever you’re having a hard time trying to remember a certain word or fact, you could try recalling some details related to that word, fact, or name.

For instance, you could use an alarm clock or kitchen timer to remind you of an appointment. Also, by placing an object related to the task you must accomplish at a certain spot in your house would serve as a reminder that you must do something. If you’re thinking of buying some tickets for a play, leave a note near your telephone, fridge, or computer to remind yourself about it.


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