Introduction. In these hard economic times, it is necessary to consider cutting on travel costs. Whether you are travelling locally for short distances or internationally, there are some simple tips that could save you a lot of money.

Here are 5 great tips that can save you cash while travelling.

1Travel on weekdays and preferably off-season.

Unless there is an emergency, always plan to travel during weekdays when business is as usual. During weekends, most businesses that facilitate travel for example taxis, bus services, airlines and even accommodation facilities are normally on a go-slow. Try travelling on weekdays when everything is up and running as the weekend go-slows imply that there may be a rise in demand for services thus higher costs. Also, consider travelling off-season when there are few travellers as travelling on-season is very expensive due to the high demand of travel related services. Do a research and find a way of squeezing your schedule on weekdays and off-season to save lots of money. 

2Make your travel budget in advance.

Making a rough estimate of your travel cost can also help you save cash. This will save you from unnecessary expenditures as you will have a personal obligation to try and limit your expenses to the prepared budget. In making such estimates, it is recommended that you try getting the current costs of lets say gas/fuel prices, ticket prices, accommodation rates and other necessities. This will help you in making the right decisions on which service provider to go for as you will have compared prices and rates in advance.

3Make sure you carry all items you will need.

Before travelling, make sure that you carry with you all items you might need during the travel. This may include food and snacks instead of buying them on the way. For long travels, make sure you carry all the things you need for a comfortable stay so that you may avoid buying them later when you find out that you badly need them. These things may include personal belongings like enough clothing, cameras, chargers among others. It is also important to note that you only need to carry what you feel you will need as bringing with you items you will not need implies excess luggage which could be costly. 

4Do your flight and ticket bookings early enough.

When travelling , it is recommended that you do all your bookings early as travel rates are subject to upward change anytime due to market forces. By booking earlier, you are sure of travelling on the scheduled date and time without any inconveniences regarding change of rates. You will be also sure of travelling on the scheduled date as you may find there are no spaces left for you if you turn up to purchase tickets on the material day. Such a situation may force you to either go back home or seek accommodation while waiting for the next means of travel available. These are very unnecessary costs that can be avoided.

5Consider using public transport or even walking where possible.

Another easy way to cut on travel costs is by using public transport. Even though you might have car and comfortably pay for gas/fuel, consider using public means of travel as it can save you a lot. You can for example choose to share taxi rides, use trains and buses to and from the airport, e.t.c. For short distances, instead of taking a cab, you can choose to exercise your body by walking thus saving you some cash. 

Conclusion. Even though travelling itself is quite expensive, you can choose to save yourself some cash by following these simple but important tips. So, the next time you have a journey to make, try out these tips and you will surely save yourself some few coins!


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