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It can be difficult to read women sometimes. They are indirect and don’t feel much comfortable in confronting their feelings in front of guys, especially if they don’t know them well. This trait can make it even harder to determine whether the person is interested in you or not. If your crush is shy or resistant to confront her feelings, it’s time you start noticing her actions and reactions. For women, actions speak louder than words and sometimes even their feelings.

In this post, we will bring all your confusions to an end. These signs will help you determine if she is into you or not.

1Eyes Speak A Lot – Don’t Lose Contact

It has been proved that men often maintain a constant eye contact with the person they are attracted to. If she is genuinely attracted to you, you will see a certain glow in her eyes while talking to you. Whether she is having a casual conversation or talking about official work, you will see a spark in her eyes and notice her keeping constant gaze into your gaze.

She will be enjoying the conversation and might even make efforts to stretch the conversation time so she doesn’t lose your sight. So while she is lost into your gaze, keep yours into hers with confidence and a bright smile.

2Notice Her Hand Gestures

This has a lot to do with the body language. According to experts, attracted women will always have their hands on the person they are attracted to while talking. This gives them a sense of confidence. This act is also considered to be a mimic to give out signals I’m interested in you.

Similarly, you may often see them brushing their hair with fingers while conversing with you. Such acts ensure that his mind is running into many directions while talking to you. She might be looking forward to confront her feelings, but feeling a bit uneasy to do so. You can make her feel comfortable with ice-breaking conversations.   

3Find Her Around Often

Have you noticed that the person you are thinking about is always around you? Well, if you have got that woman attracted, you will always find her somewhere around you, probably looking at you in many occasions. There are certain similar gestures that prove she is interest in you.

Coming immediately to your aid in just one call, talking with you for hours and just discussing your issues, or may be responding to each and every call no matter how busy she is. These are the just some ways of saying, I’m always available for you, do you wanna date me?


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