Dating Online

You have decided to venture into the world of online dating and you definitely do not want to suck at it. There is no need to shell out the money to have potential mates handed to you, just for them to turn away from you.

The following will help you in your quest to become a successful online dater.


1Choose great Pics

Let’s face it, 85% of online dating is aesthetic. Make sure that you choose photos that show you in your best light. Crop out unnecessary items and space, and make sure there are more singular pictures of you as opposed to a multitude of group shots.  Let people see you. Do not appear to be hiding behind friends. Balance your pictures to include great(current) shots of you with group shots that show that you are not simply sitting at home adding to your cat family.

2Make your content basic

Keep your profile content simple, upbeat and relatable. Avoid the use of profanity, negative statements or trying to empress people with technical descriptions of your career and hobbies. Simplicity is the best way to appear related and dateable.  Avoid imputing your income level, it can either be an initial turn off of tool of intimidation.

3Be proactive

Be the first one to send a message and make sure to respond to any messages that you receive. Even if you are not interested in the person, do not ignore them, simply politely decline their offer. Do not form an unpleasant online reputation; online they spread faster than offline. Be known as a nice and polite person, this will get you much further.

4Be genuine

When flirting online just as when offline, the key is to be genuine. Do not try to determine what a person wants to hear and force it. It will come across in a manner that is counterproductive. Simply be genuine. Always be polite, but be genuine in all regards.  

5Do NOT beg

Do not come across as if you are begging for attention or a date. You are not alone in the realm of online dating, therefore you can relax.  Sell yourself as being a great catch, without making yourself seem as if you need to marry to avoid death.  Those online with you are looking for the same thing as you, a mate. Relax and do not turn yourself into a used car salesman to get a date.

Know when to meet  After you have exchanged 4-6 successfully engaging messages with someone, offer to speak outside of the dating site. From there ask about a face-to-face encounter. Your whole purpose for joining the site is to find a mate; you cannot do that if you never move from the virtual world.


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