Smart Women

When a person becomes an adult then it becomes easier for him or her to set in their daily life routines. The people virtually do same thing every day that often do not open their mind to learn new things around them. The adults tend to hit a wall after they have completed their formal education and has started their careers.

No matter what a person age is, it is very important for every one of us to learn as many new things each day. Our brain power is far more superior than any ill-fated superpower. Our brain needs certain things to work well. If our brain is been used in the right ways then it helps to make us more skilled thinker and it also increases our ability to focus.

If we never use our brain in a right way or abuse it with harmful chemicals then it will deteriorate our ability to learn and think.

Here are 5 simple tricks to make you smarter.


If a person exercises then it helps to increase his or her muscle and brain strength. The time spent on exercising leads to greater learning power because it helps to improve the productivity afterwards. Exercise helps the capabilities of the brain as it improves the blood flow and hormones production which affect the sense of well being. Some of the most common brain strengthening exercises is Sudoko, crosswords and other word and number games which help to improve our brain.

2Engage your Brain

By sitting in front of the television and playing video games the entire day does nothing good to our brain. It saps out our energy and make us feel drained. Our eyes become tired and sore by being focused on the television for too long. In order to make yourself relaxed you should try reading some good books. You should try to read those books that make you feel focused. Your view of the world can be changed by reading a classic novel and you will start thinking in more elegant and precise way which will make you smarter.

3Try Neurobics

It is the system of the brain exercises that is been created by Lawrence C. Katz. This exercise for brain uses all our five senses to help our brain to manufacture nutrients which promote the growth of our brain cells. Additionally, when these exercises are performed then our brain activates the under-used nerve pathways that help us to keep a nimble mind.

4Early to Bed, Early to Rise

If we are sleep derived then it makes harder for us to concentrate. We also feel more rejuvenated if we go to bed early. If we stay up till late and then compensate by sleeping late then we will wake up being lethargic and we will also have trouble focusing.

5Go for a Walk

Sedentary lifestyles wreak havoc on our brains. Walking provides great benefits for our body and mind. It increases oxygen to the brain that is why many people walk.


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