Date Closeness

Although love makes people float in the skies, it also puts people down to the jumps. No doubt, love is good when things are working but has dark shades, love can turn to be a nightmare; love can give you happiness and also take happiness within a blink of an eye.  For you to win any girl, you have to realize the signs that she want you to make a move.

Although girl’s flirty mannerisms differ, the following are signs she wants you to make a move. 

1She stays with you 

Whether in class, restaurant or any other place, the girl will stay with you. If you are in a club, she will choose to dance with you and also share drinks. More likely, the girl will invite you for a coffee or lunch in order to have more time with you.

2Talking about sex and giving sexual compliments

Whether you are talking about school assignments or work, she will talk about her past boyfriends or any other topic that touches sex or relationship. She will not give general compliments but will compliment body parts.

3Batting eyelashes

If a woman rubs her eyes in the middle of conversation, this is a good sign that she want you. Some women are bold enough to pretend that there is something in the eyes to allow you get closer.

4Keeping eye contact

She will constantly maintain eye contact whether you are conversing or not. She might also bite lips when you look at her. If you find a girl who is constantly maintaining eye contact which might be followed by a smile, nodding or biting lips, you should know that she is begging you to make a move.

5Looks at her boobs

Many women use boobs as a flirting tool. If she is close to you, she may brush her boobs against you arms, or push her chest high when hugging. This is definitely a good move that you should look at. 

6She touches you

Touching you is major signal that she want you to make a move. Whether having a formal or friendly talk, she will keep her hand on your body. The girl feels safe enough to get into your space- this a good sign that she is comfortable with you. By touching your thighs, arms, back or shoulder, she is sending signals that she want you. She is also likely to yawn and lean on you. 

Although these are great signs, the only way you can be sure is talking to her.


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