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The holidays are here and you can expect more food and drink to come your way. If you are worried about gaining weight during this time, you are not alone. To ease your worry, here are a few easy tricks to avoid packing on the pounds during the holidays and beyond. 

Be Mindful of the Simple Carbs Simple carbs are foods that are basically full of carbs and not much nutrients. Most cookies, cakes and pies are prime examples of food that are full of starches that fill you up only temporarily.

They also contain sugars which can be bad for your overall health. The trick to avoiding too much of these foods is to substitute them with fresh fruits and other healthy options.

If you really want to have taste of the sinful dessert then go ahead but keep it to just that; a taste! 

1Don’t Go Hungry

Another simple way to avoid eating too much is to eat a little before actually going to a party or dinner. A small nibble of fruit or even a glassful of water can actually be very good at preventing you from eating a lot. These can take the edge of from your hunger and give you time to assess the food at the table to choose which are good for you. 

2Set a Pace

Some experts suggest pacing yourself when you eat to avoid gobbling up food. The best way to set up a pace is to consciously tell yourself to put down your spoon and fork after you have eaten from them. Take some time to check out the other people at the table and make small talk with your friends or relatives before putting another mouthful into your mouth. Another pace is to try to chew your food very well before swallowing it and taking in another mouthful. 

3Drink Water Instead!

During the holidays, drinks of all kinds and levels of sweetness are up for grabs at parties. Do not take the bait and fill up on them. Most likely these are filled with sugars that are not good for you and alcohol can easily derail your intention to not gain weight during the holidays. Switching your drink to water can easily help you maintain your weight or even lose some pounds during the season.


If you do not already have an exercise routine, then the holidays is a good time to start one. Exercise will help you keep the pounds off from the many parties and events that you might be invited to during the holidays. Aside from losing or maintaining your weight, exercise also helps to keep you mentally fit and more alert. Adding more time and effort to your routine, if you already have one, can also help to maintain your weight. 

These are just a few of the many different tricks to avoid packing on the pounds this holiday season. Holiday pounds can be very difficult to get rid off so it is better not to gain them at all.


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