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How Did A Piece Of An Alaska Glacier Recently Crush An Onlooker?

Glacier Bay

Alexander Hellweger was a tourist from the north of Italy. He decided to take a trip to the United States, as is the tradition among young tourism enthusiasts from Europe. He loved the sceneries. For close to a week, he loved everything he saw in the states. At a point in the trip, he and his seven friends from Italy and Belgium decided to break from the norm. They had seen so much. They had toured for as much as a week could allow. They knew that time was running out and that they had little time left, so they decided to finish
off the trip with a bang and it almost happened.

On Sunday, the group decided to go and see the glaciers at Georges. They got there by helicopter, and had with them the designated people to ensure their safety. As soon as they landed, everyone clambered out to see what the ice had in store for them. Maybe some were too enthusiastic. Maybe they just ran ahead of Hellweger. Maybe it was just an act of nature. Anyway, when the young tourists got off the plane, one part of the group saw a part in the ice that appealed to everyone else. As soon as they saw it, someone heard the distinct crack of ice breaking. They did not wait to find out.

The death of Alexander Hellweger

It is hard to pinpoint the specific moment at which Alexander lost his life. However, the story from his friends is very clear. As soon as they heard some ice breaking, they did what was the best thing they could. They did not turn back. Instead, they just kept moving forward. They could feel the sound of additional ice cracking, so they just forged ahead into the unknown. It appears that the act of flight irrevocably saved them. It is hard to explain it otherwise. Some report that they heard the normal drop and thud and
instinctively knew that something was wrong. They looked back and looked at the tally. The return was 7, an indicator that one of their very own was missing.

The discovery

Climbers in the mountains

Glaciers are a dangerous produce of nature .They do not wait around. They give no warning and they lash out at human beings when we least expect them. It was the same thing for a group of European tourists in Canada last weekend. When they took the tally, they realized that Alexander was missing. They could have lost their hope, thrown up their hands as it were. However, they did not. Fate seemed ready to test their resolve, but they held on. They thought it was going to take minutes, maybe hours. However, troopers analyzed the situation. One, light was fading quickly. Two, there was still the chance that more ice would still break from the glaciers, endangering the lives of the seven other survivors. The most logical solution was to abandon the mission for the time.
They did. It was an agonizing night and day for friends of Alexander. They had clung to the hope of good news. Well, it did not happen. On Sunday, the search and rescue parties found Alexander all right. Only that he was dead.


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