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Hairstyles that made a comeback last year – 5 killer tips

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Your killer guide to adding a modern twist to classic hairstyles that made a comeback last year

The only constant in fashion is that trends always come around again. Hairstyles are no exception. Here we detail some of the hairstyles that made a comeback last year and offer 5 killer tips to achieve that look yourself.

In most cases, the first tip is always to pay for a good quality haircut at your local salon. Not only does this make sure you leave the establishment looking fabulous, but using these tips will help you to maintain the look for weeks after your salon visit.

1Extreme bob

One hairstyle to which the ?get a good cut’ rule applies is the extreme or edgy bob. A variation on the traditional women’s bob cut, this 2014 version is deliberately rough around the edges rather than offering the clean cut edges of the original 1960s bob cuts.

Provided you have had a good, professional, cut achieving the extreme bob look in your home is simple – give your hair a thorough blow dry, then just let it fall into place.

2Close crop

Similar to the bob, short hairstyles for women made a comeback last year. Perfect for anyone who wants to look stylish without spending hours in front of the mirror, the close crop can be achieved by using a hair thickening product while your hair is still damp, then combing your locks to the desired shape before allowing to dry. You may want to run your fingers through your hair once it’s dry just to free up the shape

3Slicked back and high shine

For men, 2014 saw the resurgence of the slicked back look common among the 1950s ?Brylcreem’ generation. Achieving the look is easy. Ensure your salon closely crops the sides of your hair, but leaves enough length on top to work with. After that, it’s simply a case of applying whichever hair gel or wax you want before combing your hair into the desired shape.

Women also came back to the slicked up look in 2014. Most commonly called the ?high shine’ the approach is broadly similar to the men’s slicked back look, in that women should apply products that add volume and shine to their hair, and then simply comb down the length of your hair.


Another one for the gents, the Roman offers easy ongoing maintenance and was given a modern twist in 2014 when the emphasis was on giving a windswept look.

Based on a short or medium-length cut, the key to achieving the Roman hairstyle is a hairbrush. By brushing the hair, you add some volume to your hair, and can style a basic fringe that hangs down in front of your hairline.


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