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Not only the travelers, but almost everyone would agree that Australia is a very huge and diverse country. As a matter of fact, you could spend a number of years traveling and you’ll only see the part of it. So, to help you on your next journey, we’ve compiled some of the best activities that you should definitely do on your next trip to the city down under.

Fun Down Under: 7 Activities You’ll Regret Not Doing in Australia

1Restaurants as Destinations

Jump in your car and head to one of the most famous restaus in Australia, such as the Stefano’s in Mildura and the Royal Mail Hotel in Dunkeld. Aside from that, young upstarts are slowly becoming famous with their excellent set of meals, as well as creative presentations. Don’t forget to visit the town Orange in NSW, as well as the Loam in Drysdale– here, you’ll discover a new clutch of restaurants.

2Go to Newcastle

This is considered to be one of the top cities to visit, and without a doubt, it’s definitely worth a visit. Likewise, even though it doesn’t have the glam and glitz of the bigger cities, you could still say that it has plenty of low-fi charm that would keep you more or less occupied. Also, you could make some new friends and mingle with locals, which could be a perk for you, because, they’d unlock the local secrets and make your trip more enjoyable.

3Choose an Island, Any Island

As a friendly advice, we do recommend that you should give those typical Aussie destinations a break and go to the less-visited islands instead. For instance, Kangaroo Island is just the south of Adelaide and it’s a 150km-long paradise that you’d definitely enjoy. In fact, you could even find your very own spot on a beach and try some of their best delicacies.

4Go to Fremantle- Perth

It’s a port that’s just 30 minutes away from Perth and a place to go to, especially for those who want to enjoy a new place, atmosphere, and the environment. It’s the home of a wide variety of individuals, ranging from artsy to alternative. You could relax in cafes, watch entertainers, or have a great night in the trendy bars.

5Feed the Fishes

Perhaps, you’ve fed a fish at some point in your life, but this experience is different. Feeding the fish in Darwin is a whole new ball game! Watch out for the high tide and witness the vast numbers of catfish and mullets saying hi to you.

6Shop at Mindil Beach Market

If you’re a shopaholic, then this one is definitely for you. Pay a visit at Mindil Beach Market and take your time to shop and look around. It’s recommended to visit the place on a Sunday, because it’s also a great opportunity to enjoy the beach.

7Visit the National Gallery Victoria

If you want to understand Australia’s culture even more, then you should visit the National Gallery Victoria located in Melbourne. Here, you’ll find the most historical artworks and anything else related to the country. Though, it’s said that the best way to learn about the gallery is by taking a guided tour.


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