Russia Food


It is nothing complicated but the result is mouth watering. Borscht is made from beets, beef, vegetables and a generous amount of soup. To complete the flavor, sour cream is added to the meal just before serving.


A day of Shashlyki is the Russian equivalent of the American barbecue. Though any type of meat can be used, the best is lamb meat mostly due to its taste and tenderness. Another good alternative is Chicken. Before cooking, the meat has to be allowed to marinate in a mixture of onion, vinegar and olive oil. It is left there for one night. All that’s left now is grilling it on the fire and enjoying one of the best tastes of Russian culture.


This are almost similar to the dumpling you are used to. In Russia however they are prepared with their own interesting twist. Ingredients include dough and a filling consisting of a combination of onion, salt, garlic and pork. Before boiling they are placed in a freezer for a while.


Cabbage Imagine cabbage cooked in butter, applesauce, red wine vinegar and onions. Cloves, bay leaves, sugar and diced apples are then added on top. Is this a meal you would want to taste? If you are wondering what taste will result from all of these ingredients, it is both sweet and sour; everything in perfect balance.

5Solyanka Soup

To finish off the list, try this hearty Russian favorite. In it you will find chunks of pork or beef flavored with tomatoes, peppers, garlic and carrots. It can be eaten by itself or served with bread especially Georgian lavash bread.


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