Are you a guy and you can’t seem to understand why you can’t get dates? Are you man but you don’t take charge? In the world of dating and women, you need to be the man of the relationship. Many guys lose their girlfriends solely because their guys don’t take the initiative or the time to be the man. Women want to be loved and have a guy who is sensitive, but they definitely want a guy who can truly take charge. It’s about seeing yourself in a much better light.

Do Women See You As A Leader?

When you’re wround women or you’re on a date, try to see how the girls look at you or treat you. Do they seem to speak to you as if you were just a regular guy, or do they come to see you as the man in charge? You can feel it when you’re with women how they seem to treat you. There is a big difference between having a girl just flirt with you and having a girl flirt while also letting you know you’re the man.

Taking a look at yourself and who you are makes a big difference as well.


The truth is that so many guys have a bad perception of who they are. They see themselves as the guy who can’t seem to develop their relationships the right way, and they miss out on getting the girls that they want. Make it clear in your mind that you’re the man, that you deserve a great woman, and that you get the respect you deserve.  

Take Charge Of Who You Are

When you’re on a date, do not let the women just dictate what you do. It’s completely fine to do what they want, but when they take advantage of you and make you do only the things they want, that is when you see you must take charge of the relationship. Be a do,in ant make without be a douchebag. Trying to find a fine line between confidence and douchebag is hard, but there is a place in between.

There are countless guys who never have great relationships just because they don’t take charge and let their girl know about this. Learn to see yourself as “the man”. If you’re a guy who struggles with this, just be patient as well. Gaining more confidence is the first step, and having good personal development is the key.


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