Swedish Dishes

There are different food varieties in Sweden that varies with region. In the southern parts of Sweden, the available foods are mostly linked to the European cuisine which includes lots of vegetables, kebabs, hot dogs and beef. In the Northern, you will find more game meats. One of the dishes that you must try when you visit Sweden is the Swedish meatball which is recognized as a national dish.

Here are the top five most delicious Swedish dishes that you must try.

1Räkor (Swedish Shrimp)

The Swedish shrimp which is also known as cariedas is a world famous food that you must try. In Sweden, there is quite a large variety of Räkor which you will come across and prepared inside their shells in order to give them a crunchy texture and a delicious taste. Swedish shrimp are the perfect food to order as a side dish or as an appetizer during your meal.

2Princesstårta (Princess Cake)

This is a beautiful and a delicious cake. Princesstårta is a traditional Swedish cake that is smothered in whipped cream and has alternating layers of sponge cake. The cake is topped off with green marzipan which is a hard shell top made of sugar.

3Swedish Meatballs

Homemade Swedish Meatballs with Cream Sauce and Parsley

This is one of the most famous Swedish dishes. Swedish Meatballs is a ground meat that have been mixed with certain fresh ingredients such as finely chopped onions and rolled into balls. Traditional Swedish Meatballs are served with boiled potatoes, gravy or with pickled cucumber.


This is a Swedish cinnamon roll that is served alongside coffee to compliment the sweet taste of the cinnamon roll. Kanebullar is one of the highly recognized Swedish dishes which even have a national day where restaurants and convenient stores share and celebrate the amazingness of these delicious pastries.

5Open Face Sandwiches

This is a unique sandwich that has only one face. This means it is only one slice of bread with ingredients on top. The top ingredients include cucumber, tomato, lettuce, boiled egg slices and creamy Swedish called romsås.


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