Australian Flag

Fun Down Under 7 Activities You’ll Regret Not Doing in Australia

Not only the travelers, but almost everyone would agree that Australia is a very huge and diverse country. As a matter of...

Places To Visit Before You Die

Without a doubt, most of us has his own list of must-see places before they turn 40, 50, or before they...
Beautiful City

These 7 Cities Are Made for the Future

From your humble regular city, it is easy to think that the world generally moves at a similar pace especially the...
Party City

The 8 Awesome Party Cities in America

Partying has to be real fun and a source of happiness and contentment, an adventure you will later not rue for being...
France Police

7 Things You Need to Know about The Terror attacks in France

On Friday, the 9th of January 2015, France experienced what is believed to be the worst terror attack in 50 years....
Hotel in Jamaica

The 3 Best Hotels to Take in Jamaica

Without doubt, Jamaica ranks highly among some of the loveliest places that any mortal could dream to visit in a lifetime. There...
Little skier on the ski lift

The 5 Most Incredible Ski Resorts in Switzerland

Sir Henry Lunn the great English missionary had a failed mission to India but the Alpine Sports Club which he started attracted...
European Country

These 5 Forgotten European Countries Are a Delight to Visit

Our world is really beautiful and it is full of wonderful places and jaw-dropping sights. If you want to make your...
Glacier Bay

How Did A Piece Of An Alaska Glacier Recently Crush An Onlooker?

Alexander Hellweger was a tourist from the north of Italy. He decided to take a trip to the United States,...
Sydney Opera house

These 3 Other Australian Cities Have a Lot to Offer

Australia is famous in the world for its wide open spaces and natural wonders, “the outback”, “the bush”, its deserts and...

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