Rome Food

5 Tasty Foods To Try in Rome

If you are planning to travel to Rome, then you will definitely eat in Rome! There are thousands of amazing dishes...
German Food

3 Tasty Treats to Try in Germany

Regardless of how many cuisines you have had tasted, you’ll always find something more surprising and delicious in its own way....
Different Food

6 Awesome Dishes to Try When Visiting Italy

Truth be told, Italian food has ensnared the taste-buds of different people from different cultures and it continues to do so...
France Police

7 Things You Need to Know about The Terror attacks in France

On Friday, the 9th of January 2015, France experienced what is believed to be the worst terror attack in 50 years....
Egypt Pyramid

Top 10 Mind-Blowing Facts About the Pyramids You Didn’t Know

Without any shred of doubt, pyramids are an architectural phenomenon. During the ancient times, these enormous structures did serve both religious and...
Eating Japanese Food

3 Incredible Dining Experiences You Must Try in Japan

If you're thinking of “sushi” every time you hear Japanese dining, then you should know better-- it's more than that. Think...
Man Praying

The 7 Most Religious Cities in the World

Each of the major religions of the world have a city that has a special meaning for their religion. It may...
Amsterdam Canals

The 5 Best Coffee Shops to Visit When in Amsterdam

There is far more to Amsterdam than meets the eye. The capital of the Netherlands is a huge city and and...
Old Town

5 Irresistible Restaurants to Visit in Paris

One of the things that Paris is best known for is having some of the best restaurants in the entire world....

Places To Visit Before You Die

Without a doubt, most of us has his own list of must-see places before they turn 40, 50, or before they...

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