Business Meeting

Target Corporation: Where Have All the Jobs Gone?

Retail positions, whether corporate or franchise, have always been fairly attainable positions to get, depending on where you choose to apply....
Ant Eaters

What Is The Pangolin And Why Is It Endangered?

Pangolins are one of the most harmless creatures on the planet and are often named "scaly anteaters". They can be identified...
Siberian Baikal Lake

5 Facts About Mysterious Holes in Siberia

When a large and mysterious hole was discovered in Siberia last year, theories ran wild about the cause. Everything from melting methane...
Cinema Objects

Get in the Holiday Spirit with These Amazing 10 Movies

It has become a tradition to watch holiday themed movies in the holiday season. This helps us connect with the holiday spirit...
Future Technology

The 7 Most Technological Cities in Asia

Asia is not only the largest continent in the world, but also the home of the most admirable natural treasures and...
Murder Weapon

Top 10 Most Bizarre Murder Weapons in the History

Access to weapons is a highly regulated provision the world over, for the fear that people would kill others often, mostly...

Rural NY State Has A Roaming Coyote Epidemic: Really?

Residents of New York's Northern suburbs have said that roaming coyotes are becoming more brazen. The strange, yet important debate has...
Mc Donald Mascot

Is McDonalds Losing Its Popularity?

Is McDonalds loosing its popularity? This question would hardly have been worth asking a few years ago as it was always...
Glacier Bay

How Did A Piece Of An Alaska Glacier Recently Crush An Onlooker?

Alexander Hellweger was a tourist from the north of Italy. He decided to take a trip to the United States,...

Top 5 Most Frivolous Lawsuits in History

There are people who will try anything including suing someone on frivolous grounds just to make money. While some of these...

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