Victoria's Secret store along Orchard Road

What You Need to Know About Victoria’s Secret – 5 killer tips

If you're one of those people who managed to see a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, you'd agree that these women aren't...
Women Running

How to Slim Down

When winter season is right around the corner, most people regret their diet decisions taken over the summer. Usually, this happens...
Anti Aging Cream

Best anti aging creams under $50

There is always a solution for everything, the best solution for your wrinkles when you are on your twenties or even fifties...
Preparing for date

8 Tips For Dressing Without Stressing For A First Date

First dates matter greatly. You cannot afford to show up looking sloppy and disinterested. The best way to catch that guy’s...
Spa Things

4 Amazing Homemade Spa Recipes_ to Fight Aging and Get a Youthful Skin

As much as we would all love to visit a high end spa on a regular basis, many people are unable...
Skin Care

Best Ways to Get Your Skin Ready for Winter – 5 killer tips!

Winter time can be a lot of fun. Who doesn’t love the skiing, snowball fights, snowboarding and other outdoor activities that...
Man Haircut

Hairstyles that made a comeback last year – 5 killer tips

Your killer guide to adding a modern twist to classic hairstyles that made a comeback last year The...

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