Egypt Pyramid

Top 10 Mind-Blowing Facts About the Pyramids You Didn’t Know

Without any shred of doubt, pyramids are an architectural phenomenon. During the ancient times, these enormous structures did serve both religious and...

Top 10 Most Catastrophic Disasters That Ever Took Place in Space

Although travelling to space may seem like quite an exciting venture that many people have done successfully, it is considered a highly...
Disney Logo

Cartoons from Our Childhood that Need to Make a Comeback

We all remember that during our childhood cartoons had a special place in our hearts and for many people characters they've...

Top 6 Best Anime Series to Watch in a Lifetime

Anime as a branch of production traces its origins to Japan. Although the genre did not start out so well, it...
Fanged Frog

Bizarre fanged frog that gives birth to tadpoles

A species of fanged frogs living on Indonesian Sulawesi Island has been discovered to give birth to tadpoles as opposed to...

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