Top 10 Giant Prehistoric Ancestors of Today Animals

The largest creatures to have ever roamed the Earth were obviously the dinosaurs. However, did you know that in the prehistoric...

Top 10 Crazy Facts About Sharks

Upon the mention of sharks, the first thing that comes to our minds is 'world's most ferocious predators.' Despite them being...

Top 5 Endangered Animals Our Next Generation Won’t See

Human beings have been entitled as the apex predator, for what we lack in strength in agility, we make up in...
Dog Breed

5 most expensive Dog Breeds to Own

A dog or dogs are considered man’s best friend because they offer companionship, protection and loyalty to their owners. However, they...
Ant Eaters

What Is The Pangolin And Why Is It Endangered?

Pangolins are one of the most harmless creatures on the planet and are often named "scaly anteaters". They can be identified...

Rural NY State Has A Roaming Coyote Epidemic: Really?

Residents of New York's Northern suburbs have said that roaming coyotes are becoming more brazen. The strange, yet important debate has...

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