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We all remember that during our childhood cartoons had a special place in our hearts and for many people characters they’ve seen on the screen will forever be associated with times when they were kids. Today we will name the few deserving cartoons from our childhood that need to make a comeback sooner rather than later.

First of them is The Flinstones once prime time cartoon from now defunct Hanna-Barbera studio. The show centered around two families dealing with everyday issues in the Stone Age setting. It was both commercial success and one of the most viewed shows of all time. Older generations surely know everything about Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty but we can all agree that if done properly the reboot of The Flintstones could be the next big thing in animation.

Another cartoon that would surely spark the interest of both adults and children is The Smurfs. Yes, we have live action movies, but those that had privilege to watch cartoon version will undoubtedly vote for its return. Three apples high and blue skinned creatures that fought bravely against wizard Gargamel and his vicious cat Azrael can deliver same messages today as they could in the past. Perseverance and determination to defeat the forces of evil while retaining sense of comradery and friendship are valuable lessons our children should learn and that’s why we need to see The Smurfs back in action

The Smurfs

Last but not less important is cartoon that probably defined the genre back in 90’s. It’s Batman: The Animated Series. It was and still is the masterpiece of animation and storytelling in cartoon. It completely revived DC Comics most notable character and reconnected it with larger audience, many of whom were children. Batman: The Animated Series had everything necessary to succeed and it did exactly that.

It had complex stories and excellent characterization that was unseen in cartoons before. Two men who were creative force behind the series were producer Bruce Timm and writer Paul Dini which created unique setting and transformed it into reality. Because of that series won four Emmy awards and received numerous other nominations and is still considered one of the most successful Warner Bros. shows to date.

Despite all that, it only ran for three years and had 85 episodes. So if anyone in the Warner Bros. is reading this, they should definitely listen what we’re saying and bring this awesome series back to life. Anything else would be criminal offense.


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